Environmental and Energy Infrastructure at the Local Level 2

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Energy and Environment Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/12/2018
Start / End Time: 10:00 AM / 11:40 AM (MDT)
Room: Evergreen, Sheraton, 4th Floor
Organizers: Jordan Howell, David Baylis
Chairs: Jordan Howell


This session builds on recent work in geography and related fields like anthropology, science & technology studies, environmental history, and policy studies to examine emerging trends in the study of environmental and energy infrastructure at the local and regional level. It is easy for researchers, media, and the public alike to get caught up in federal and even international-level media and analysis, but the reality is that infrastructure projects – while sometimes having far-flung financial and resource linkages – unfold at the local level. As such, municipal rules, local government policies and processes, and local stakeholders’ support or opposition can profoundly shape the development and outcome of a given project. The papers in this session will aim to illuminate the links between scales shaping a particular project while also contributing to broader discussions about the roles of local government, economics, culture, and attitudes towards expertise and the environment in facilitating or limiting the deployment of environmental and energy infrastructures.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Julia Feikens*, Colgate University, Everyday Local Environmentalism in Former Nuclear Host Communities 20 10:00 AM
Presenter Marissa Bell*, University At Buffalo, The Socio-Politics of Consent-based Nuclear Waste Siting on the Bruce Peninsula 20 10:20 AM
Presenter Max Lacey-Barnacle*, Cardiff University, Residents Against Dirty Energy (RADE): exploring the role of local activism in the pursuit of energy justice in Bristol city 20 10:40 AM
Presenter Nicholas Schuelke*, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Local strategies of contesting oil and gas development: The case of Windsor, Colorado 20 11:00 AM

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