A Feminist Coven in the University

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Geographic Perspectives on Women Specialty Group, Graduate Student Affinity Group
Organizers: Araby Smyth, Jess Linz
Chairs: Araby Smyth

Call for Papers

This panel is co-organized by Lauren Hudson (CUNY Graduate Center), Jess Linz (University of Kentucky) and Araby Smyth (University of Kentucky). If you are interested in participating in this panel at AAG 2018 please email lhudson@gc.cuny.edu, jess.linz@uky.edu and arabysmyth@uky.edu.


In theory, graduate school fosters intellectual and professional growth. However, it often feels personally and politically stunting: it is a place of competition, scarcity, and patriarchy. We call on panelists to discuss the autonomous feminist spaces that they create on their campuses. In response to hostilities, we contest what doesn’t work and we find new ways to support each other that cannot be easily contained or commodified (Ahmed, 2017; Berlant, 2011). Instead of competing, we collaborate by praising boldness, cultivating norms of trust rather than suspicion, elevating friendship above romance, grounding our relationships within political work and feminist praxis (Clementine & Associates from the Infinite Venom Girl Gang, 2012; Walia, 2013). Our willfulness to love and and resist conjures momentary, inhabitable spaces, where we dream of alternative futures and nurture our energies for revolutionary change (Benjamin, 2007; Haraway, 2016). We won’t settle for the few comforts our professionalization affords us or for promises of a respect that will never be fully granted.

Watch more https://youtu.be/xHX2lr4I2ZE
Read more https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xP0uVWQhcTcae0Sh8nH5H6Hl5dy9rVoeXT0mSWGMd44/edit?usp=sharing

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Type Details Minutes
Panelist Jess Linz University of Kentucky 20
Panelist Sophie Strosberg University of Minnesota 15
Panelist Araby Smyth University of Kentucky 20
Discussant Camilla Hawthorne University of California - Berkeley 15
Discussant KERBY LYNCH 15
Panelist Sarah Stinard-Kiel Temple University 15

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