Diverse Economies and Liveable Worlds III: Diverse forms of surviving well together - towards connecting and amplifying local practices

Type: Panel
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Day: 4/12/2018
Start / End Time: 1:20 PM / 3:00 PM (MDT)
Room: Napoleon A1, Sheraton, 3rd Floor
Organizers: Katharine Mckinnon, Stephen Healy
Chairs: Katharine Mckinnon


Gibson-Graham, Cameron and Healy (2014) identify 'surviving well' as a cornerstone of community economies, replacing traditional notions of economic development and growth with a vision of sufficiency based on mutual care and ethical interconnection. The focus on surviving well is informed by a post-capitalist recognition of the diversity of livelihood strategies that exceed the bounds of global capitalism (Gibson-Graham 1996, 2006). Much research in this field has highlighted the importance of diverse economies based on, for example, cooperatives, labour sharing, gift giving, household labour, bartering, indigenous exchange, commons or social entrepreneurship (see for example, Gibson-Graham & Community Economies Collective, 2017). While it is increasingly clear that these diverse economic practices are essential for households and communities, it remains a challenge how to effectively harness existing practices to build sustainable economic alternatives and to foster ethical economic experimentation. How do alternative economies grow without necessarily 'scaling up' in ways that challenge diversity, or formulating models that threaten to revisit the failures of modernist development.

This panel aims to bring together the work of researchers across different regions to share the diverse economic practices that are enabling communities to survive well in different parts of the world, and to reflect on alternative strategies for connecting and amplifying these disparate practices. We are seeking contributions from those who are using diverse economies framing to understand and value different livelihood practices, and who are keen to explore the connections across different regions. Contributions to the panel discussion may draw on empirical research and examples of how communities shape livelihoods to survive well in different locations around the world. Or they may be contributions considering the conceptual and political strategies for connecting and amplifying ethical economic practices. We are looking for a diversity of views that may include consideration of the following topics:
• Interlinked practices of self-reliance in urban contexts
• Alternative modes of food production and distribution
• Collective care for or creation of commons
• Commoning practices as a form of ‘scaling up’
• Ethical dynamics of interconnection
• Recognition of more-than-human partners in livelihood creation
• Economies of care
• Solidarity economies

This panel session will form part of a series of sessions to mark the official University of Minnesota Press launch of the Diverse Economies and Liveable Worlds Book Series.


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Elizabeth Barron University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh 10
Panelist Heather McLean University of Glasgow 10
Panelist Andrew Zitcer Drexel University 10
Panelist Luke Drake California State University, Northridge 10
Panelist Julia Haggerty Montana State Univ 10
Panelist Boone Shear University of Massachusetts Amherst 10

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