Friendship in the academy: Toward a politics of caring with

Type: Panel
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Day: 4/10/2018
Start / End Time: 12:40 PM / 2:20 PM (MDT)
Room: Borgne Room, Sheraton, 3rd Floor
Organizers: Kathryn Gillespie, Patricia Lopez
Chairs: Patricia Lopez


How are friendships made and sustained in the academy? How do normative understandings about how our subjectivity as academics fail to acknowledge (or allow for) the richness and possibilities that emerge from deeper relationships in and around the academy? How might a rethinking of these relationships engender a more pointed politics of ‘caring with’ as a radical and transformative praxis? This session aims to discuss friendship as an undertheorized site of relationality in the academy through a politics of Tronto’s ‘caring with.’ Even as we center the relational dimensions of friendship in the academy, we acknowledge that it is not always easy to build deep and trusting friendships within the confines of academic relationships - as colleagues, as researchers in the field, as collaborators, etc. Driven in part by the neoliberalization of the university and by the fundamentally individualistic nature of the academy, there are a range of ways that the academy puts enormous strain and pressure on friendships and relationships. Indeed, the challenges of building friendships in the academy are not insignificant and we are interested in exploring and honoring those; yet, at the same time, friendships bring relational meaning and caring into the work we do as academics.


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Keavy McFadden 10
Panelist Julie Santella University of Minnesota - Minneapolis 10
Panelist Lawrence Knopp University of Washington Tacoma 10
Panelist Dana Cuomo Western Kentucky University 10
Panelist Jamie Shinn West Virginia University 10
Panelist Patricia Lopez Dartmouth College 10
Panelist Kathryn Gillespie Wesleyan University 10

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