Placing the Wild: the borders and boundaries of rewilding 2

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Animal Geography Specialty Group, Rural Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/13/2018
Start / End Time: 3:20 PM / 5:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Edgewood AB, Sheraton, 4th Floor
Organizers: Nadia Bartolini, Cara Clancy
Chairs: Cara Clancy


Rewilding has emerged in a myriad of different debates and initiatives in recent years, sparking lively exchanges within both academic and non-academic domains. Despite being an amorphous term (see Lorimer et al. 2015), it is generally deployed to valorise various ontologies of the ‘wild’ and ‘unruly’ – and not just in the context of nature conservation (Lorimer and Driessen 2014; Taylor et al. 2005; Whatmore and Thorne 1998). It therefore speaks to diverse range of interests: from those examining the feral geographies of unsanctioned or unplanned wildlife (Prior and Ward 2016; Hearn et al. 2014; Hodgetts 2017), to those interested in the relationship between humans and nonhumans in late modern society (Adams and Mulligan, 2003; Merchant, 1992; Monbiot, 2013, Rubenstein et al., 2006) as well as those working on the re-imagined landscapes of the past, times when plants and animals may have been subjected to different regimes of governance and control (see for example Ingold 1998, 2000). What accompanies these interests are ethical, moral and political questions around the territories and territorialisation of wildlife.

This session is interested in the borders and boundaries of wild-life: how they are constituted, maintained and managed; how they are defied, subverted, and crossed; how they are intertwined with our own boundaries (political, cultural or otherwise); and how efforts to make ‘passageways’ and ‘corridors’ might be critically engaged and developed in ways that expand understandings of nonhuman autonomy.

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Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Robin Roth*, University of Guelph, Erich Keyser, University of Guelph, Colin Sutherland, York University, Breaking apart the family: the consequences of bureaucratic science on the reintroduction of free-roaming buffalo 20 3:20 PM
Presenter Kalli Doubleday*, University of Texas, Austin, Rewilding Expectations: Human-Tiger Relations Before & After Reintroduction in Sariska Tiger Reserve 20 3:40 PM
Presenter Sharon Wilcox*, University of Wisconsin, Unbounded and Border-line: Placing Value and Priority on Jaguars in the American Southwest 20 4:00 PM
Presenter Nadia Bartolini*, University of Exeter, Caitlin DeSilvey, University of Exeter, Where horses run free? The boundaries of animal autonomy in Faia Brava, Portugal 20 4:20 PM
Discussant Maan Barua University of Oxford 20 4:40 PM

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