Geographies of Anarchist Praxes (1)

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups:
Organizers: Richard White, Farhang Rouhani, Ophélie Véron
Chairs: Richard White


An anarchist praxis within geography continues to inspire and invite new imaginaries and praxis to flourish within the discipline. In recent years, anarchist geographers have revitalised approaches toward radical learning spaces (Rouhani, 2017, Springer et al, 2016); historical geographies (Ferretti 2015; Springer 2016), neoliberalism (Springer 2011), post-statist geographies (Barrera and Ince, 2016), practices of freedom (White et al, 2016); postcoloniality/decoloniality (Barker and Pickerill 2012), theories of resistance (Souza 2016); urbanism (Souza 2014), nonhuman animal oppression (White, 2017) and a reassessment of our discipline’s radical potential (Springer 2014, 2016), among others.

To continue to push anarchist geographies into ever new and critical directions, the first session will focus in particular on the following three areas: "Anarchist Geographies and Anti-racism/ intersectionality"; "Anarchist Geographies and Colonialism, postcolonialism, and decolonization" and "Anarchist Geographies and Critical Pedagogies, Learning, and Teaching in the University"


Type Details Minutes
Introduction Simon Springer University of Victoria 20
Presenter Carl Levy*, Goldsmiths, University of London, New Anarchisms and the City: From Cold War City to Occupy City, 1945-2011 and Beyond (Montreal, Istanbul and Kobani) 20
Presenter James Riding*, University of Tampere, Socialist Anarchism: Nostalgia, Resistance, and Spatial Emancipation in Post-Yugoslav Space 20
Presenter Ophélie Véron*, , Anarchism, Feminism and Veganism: A Convergence of Struggles Richard J White, Sheffield Hallam University, Anarchism, Feminism and Veganism: A Convergence of Struggles 20
Presenter Federico Ferretti*, , Blackening Reclus: anarchist abolitionism, geography and non-white Americas 20

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