Food geographies: culture, media, politics 1

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Geographies of Food and Agriculture Specialty Group, Media and Communication Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/10/2018
Start / End Time: 12:40 PM / 2:20 PM (MDT)
Room: Studio 3, Marriott, 2nd Floor
Organizers: Christine Barnes
Chairs: Christine Barnes


Eating is one of the most intimate and geographically embedded acts, yet the ways that we eat are increasingly becoming a spectacle consumed through our screens. From dedicated food TV channels teaching us to cook, political food documentaries, to the rise of social media food stars, and apps that allow you to track and record every morsel that passes your lips, food is becoming ever more spectacular and performative. Buying, cooking and eating food remain material and embodied acts, but our engagement with food is increasingly mediated by diverse media and cultural forms with important impacts on our health, bodies, relationships and economies. These papers present a broad engagement with mediated and politicised food culture, from historical, contemporary and future perspectives and a range of empirical contexts.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Joan Pan*, PhD student, Department of Geography, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa , Wayne Buente, Associate Professor, School of Communications, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa , Mediated food spaces and the online persona of food self-presentation 20 12:40 PM
Presenter Laura Cuch*, University College London, Spiritual Flavours: using visual arts practice to explore food and faith in West London 20 1:00 PM
Presenter Natasha Webster*, Stockholm University, Diversity, Sharing and the private home kitchen: A case study of Stockholm Food App Start up 20 1:20 PM
Presenter Erik Jönsson*, Lund University, Countertop bioreactors and remote facilities: tracing the future geographies of cultured meat and post animal food products. 20 1:40 PM
Presenter Christine Barnes*, King's College London, Food fictions: digital foodscapes, healthy eating and art 20 2:00 PM

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