Geographies of Anarchist Praxes (2)

Type: Paper
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Day: 4/12/2018
Start / End Time: 5:20 PM / 7:00 PM (MDT)
Room: Astor Ballroom I, Astor, 2nd Floor
Organizers: Richard White, Simon Springer, Federico Ferretti
Chairs: Farhang Rouhani


An anarchist praxis within geography continues to inspire and invite new imaginaries and praxis to flourish within the discipline. In recent years, anarchist geographers have revitalised approaches toward radical learning spaces (Rouhani, 2017, Springer et al, 2016); historical geographies (Ferretti 2015; Springer 2016), neoliberalism (Springer 2011), post-statist geographies (Barrera and Ince, 2016), practices of freedom (White et al, 2016); postcoloniality/decoloniality (Barker and Pickerill 2012), theories of resistance (Souza 2016); urbanism (Souza 2014), nonhuman animal oppression (White, 2017) and a reassessment of our discipline’s radical potential (Springer 2014, 2016), among others.

The second session will continue to explore some of the themes engaged in the opening Geographies of Anarchist Praxes session, as well as introduce new ones for discussion and debate.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Eli Meyerhoff*, Duke University, Jessica Namakkal*, Duke University, Global Studies for Another World: Intersecting the Vectors of Anarchist, Decolonial, Feminist Movements in a Transdisciplinary Field 20 5:20 PM
Presenter Alexander Ross*, , Andrew Smolski, North Carolina State University, Javier Sethness Castro, Independent Researcher, Land and Liberty: A Comparative Spatial Analysis of Revolution, Exile, and Autonomy in the Mexican and Russian Revolutions 20 5:40 PM
Presenter David Reece*, University of Missouri - Columbia, From Research to Relationship: Decolonizing the Academic World and Fostering Affinity 20 6:00 PM
Presenter Nicholas Megoran*, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Anarchism within the data university: problems and possibilities. 20 6:20 PM
Discussant Anthony Ince Cardiff University 20 6:40 PM

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