Real Estate, Finance and Urban Development 6: Housing and Inequality

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Urban Geography Specialty Group, Economic Geography Specialty Group, Political Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/11/2018
Start / End Time: 8:00 AM / 9:40 AM (MDT)
Room: Riverview I, Marriott, River Tower Elevators, 41st Floor
Organizers: Manuel Aalbers
Chairs: Sinead Kelly


Session co-organised with the Regional Studies Association ( Research Network on Financial Geography (

Real estate and finance were at the roots of the global economic crisis that started in 2007. States and their many institutions, including central banks and financial regulators, have also been seen as complicit to the crisis. Cities have recently entered a period of severe economic turbulence, with high levels of financial uncertainty as resources of governments as well as citizens and businesses have diminished. Future funding for urban development is likely to be increasingly limited due to the reform and re-regulation of financial markets and changing underlying financial-economic conditions of urban property markets. This session emphasizes the relation between real estate, urban development and financial markets. In order to understand urban development and redevelopment processes, it is crucial to understand not only the interaction of supply and demand but also the role of state regulation as well as financial forces at work in increasingly international capital markets.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Lucia Shimbo*, Universidade De São Paulo, Housing production and dispossession in the metropolis of São Paulo (1970-2010) 20 8:00 AM
Presenter Rowan Arundel*, KU Leuven, Labour market position, parental wealth and the spatial inequality of housing wealth accumulation 20 8:20 AM
Presenter Renaud Le Goix*, Université Paris Diderot, Le Corre Thibault, Université Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, Casanova Enault Laure, Université Avignon - Pays de Vaucluse, Guilhem Boulay, Université Avignon Pays de Vaucluse, Loic Bonneval, Université Lumière - Lyon 2, Wealth inequalities and the dynamics of housing market in France. Interpreting real-estate market-based regime of spatial inequalities. 20 8:40 AM
Presenter Elora Raymond*, Clemson University, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders and the Uneven Housing Market Recovery 20 9:00 AM
Presenter Kate Shaw*, University of Melbourne, International and local buy-in to the new Great Australian Dream 20 9:20 AM

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