Small hydroelectric power (SHP) in policy and practice

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Energy and Environment Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/12/2018
Start / End Time: 5:20 PM / 7:00 PM (MDT)
Room: Poydras, Sheraton, 3rd Floor
Organizers: Thomas Ptak, Arica Crootof
Chairs: Thomas Ptak


This panel features five researchers who will draw on significant field experience—including current projects—to assess the current state of small hydroelectric power (SHP) in policy and practice. As the development of large and medium sized hydroelectric infrastructure continues to face increased social, political and environmental pressure, proliferation of small hydroelectric operations rapidly increases throughout many parts of the world. While a rich body of literature examining a range of biophysical and human dimensions of large hydropower development exists, research on SHP, is limited by comparison and lacks a comprehensive multi-regional study. This panel will discuss empirical research from a range of geographic regions to understand the nuanced, complex and idiosyncratic nature of SHP in policy and practice. Panelists will focus on detailing the global SHP movement to outline challenges, illustrate complexities, identify research needs, critique current trends and suggest future directions with case-specific examples.  
This panel is sponsored by the Energy and Environment Specialty Group


Type Details Minutes
Introduction Thomas Ptak University of Idaho 10
Panelist Arica Crootof University of Arizona - Geography & Development 15
Panelist Tyler Harlan University of California, Los Angeles 15
Panelist Emma Fox University of Maine 15
Discussant Sarah Kelly-Richards School of Geography and Development, University of Arizona 15
Discussant Francis Magilligan Dartmouth College 10

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