“Placing” the Confederacy: Constructing, Removing, and Renaming Confederate Monuments in the South and Beyond I

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Study of the American South Specialty Group, Historical Geography Specialty Group, Cultural Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/10/2018
Start / End Time: 12:40 PM / 2:20 PM
Room: Galerie 4, Marriott, 2nd Floor
Organizers: Rebecca Sheehan, Jennifer Speights-Binet
Chairs: Jennifer Speights-Binet


This session explores the cultural, social, economic, and political attributes, consequences, oppositions, and implications of and to Confederate monuments, including statues, obelisks, historical markers, and toponyms in the cultural landscape as well as cultural landscapes that implicitly memorialize the Confederacy. While these monuments are more frequent in the South, memorializing the Confederacy extends well beyond this region. Moreover, while many of these monuments were erected or put in place during the Jim Crow era, new monuments installed in the 2000s in Arizona, Montana and North Carolina, for example, show that Faulkner's aphorism --"The past is never dead. It’s not even past” -- continues to be prophetic and insightful. As several Southern cities have removed, renamed, or reinterpreted their Confederate monuments and markers and cultural landscapes such as plantations, contentious debate about race, identity, memory, and spatial justice abounds. Papers cover a variety of research methods and perspectives that explore discursive fields and materialities of historical and contemporary meanings of monumentalizing and memorializing the US Confederacy.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Discussant Reuben Rose-Redwood University of Victoria 20 12:40 PM
Presenter Robert Perham*, , Understanding “Southern” identities and Confederate iconography: Internal Orientalism, (mis)representation, and social media 20 1:00 PM
Presenter Jordan Brasher*, University of Tennessee, Derek Alderman, University of Tennessee, Social media as a strategic organizational tool for Confederate memorial landscape change: From #TakeDowntheFlag to #ChangeTheDamnName 20 1:20 PM
Presenter Sean Thomas*, Oklahoma State University, Monumental Discourse: the narratives on display at Stone Mountain Park, Georgia 20 1:40 PM
Presenter Thomas Craig*, Oklahoma State University, Jordan P. Brasher, Department of Geography, University of Tennessee, Gustavo Ovando, Department of Geography, Oklahoma State University, Between Racism and a Sacred Space: Using TripAdvisor to Explore Brazilians’ Perceptions of the Confederados, the Cemitério do Campo, and the Festa Confederada 20 2:00 PM

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