How Racism Takes Place in the Academy: A Workshop on Structural Racism and Implicit Bias in the Ivory Tower

Type: Panel
Theme: Black Geographies
Sponsor Groups: Black Geographies Specialty Group, Graduate Student Affinity Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/11/2018
Start / End Time: 5:20 PM / 7:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Napoleon D3, Sheraton 3rd Floor
Organizers: Aretina Hamilton
Chairs: Sophonie Bazile


How does racism take place in the academy? How do structural and institutional structures support and maintain racist ideologies within higher education? How might Geographers use their research and cartographies of struggle to dismantle these hierarchies?

In this panel, students, researchers, and faculty will discuss their personal and professional experiences with race. Also, the panel will explore the role that structural racism plays in recruiting and retaining students of color; how race impacts hiring practices and tenure promotion; and how race shapes the culture of academia in general.

We highly recommend that chairpersons, senior faculty, and graduate advisors any others concerned with issues of equity in the discipline of Geography.


Type Details Minutes
Introduction Aretina Hamilton Georgia Gwinnett College - Lawrenceville, GA 15
Panelist Sam Bowden Rutgers University 10
Panelist Carolyn Finney University of Kentucky 17
Panelist Jonathan Hall West Virginia University 17
Panelist Akil Houston Ohio University 14
Panelist George Lipsitz University of California, Santa Barbra 17
Panelist Mae Miller CUNY - Graduate Center 10

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