The Belo Monte Dam in the Brazilian Amazon: Social and Environmental Costs with Few Benefits.

Type: Paper
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Day: 4/14/2018
Start / End Time: 4:00 PM / 5:40 PM (MDT)
Room: Borgne Room, Sheraton, 3rd Floor
Organizers: Emilio Moran
Chairs: Emilio Moran


This session examines the costs and benefits of the construction of the Belo Monte Dam in the Brazilian Amazon, third largest in the world with 11 GW of capacity. Much of that energy will be going to large cities on the coast of Brazil thereby ensuring a more secure supply of energy for urban and industrial activities. Forgotten in this energy plan were the energy, social, and environmental needs of the populations most affected by the construction of this large dam. The papers in this session examine how free and previous consultation with traditional populations was run shoddy, how fishermen’s livelihoods were negatively impacted by the dam, how compensation left out the people most impacted by the dam, and how all that energy produced bypassed the communities most impacted by the construction. The papers also suggest ways in which future dams may be able to mitigate some of those impacts by improving inter-sectoral communication and by giving higher priority to the needs of the people most affected by dam construction.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Maria Claudia Lopez*, Michigan State University, Governance Analysis of Hydroelectric Dams in Brazil 20 4:00 PM
Presenter Laura Castro-Diaz*, Michigan State University, Maria Claudia Lopez, Michigan State University, Emilio Moran, Michigan State University, Belo Monte and its impacts on downstream fishers and their livelihoods 20 4:20 PM
Presenter Rebecca Minardi*, Michigan State University, Understanding Resettlement Caused by Dams: A Global Review 20 4:40 PM
Presenter Emilio Moran*, Michigan State University, Forgetting the People: Hydropower dams and energy delivery 20 5:00 PM

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