Powerful Geography

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups:
Poster #:
Day: 4/13/2018
Start / End Time: 10:00 AM / 11:40 AM (MDT)
Room: Studio 1, Marriott, 2nd Floor
Organizers: Michael Solem
Chairs: Richard Boehm


The National Center for Research in Geography Education announces a new research-based approach to geography education that will expand opportunities for all students to experience powerful geographic knowledge in schools.

Geography in American education has benefited from over thirty years of reform efforts, from The Guidelines for Geographic Education (Five Themes) and Geography for Life: National Geography Standards to a state-based network of Geographic Alliances and an Advanced Placement Human Geography course. This foundation of prior work provides an excellent infrastructure for developing innovative solutions to the many challenges the nation’s schools presently face in providing K-12 geography instruction: a pronounced shortage of teachers with geography backgrounds, poor public perceptions of geography, uneven access to geographic technologies and quality educational materials, and limited support from the federal government and private sector stakeholders.

Inspired by recent work on GeoCapabilities, Powerful Geography emphasizes the role of teachers as curriculum leaders who help young people develop greater potential to achieve well-being and lead a life informed by geography’s powerful knowledge.


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Richard Boehm Texas State University 20
Panelist Michael Solem National Center for Research in Geography Education 20
Panelist Joann Zadrozny 20
Panelist Thomas Larsen Kansas State University 20

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