Conceptual, operational and practical challenges for transdisciplinary sustainability science research.

Type: Panel
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Day: 4/14/2018
Start / End Time: 10:00 AM / 11:40 AM (MDT)
Room: Grand Ballroom C, Astor, 2nd Floor
Organizers: Victor Gutierrez-Velez, Alexis Saenz, Daniel Wiese
Chairs: Victor Gutierrez-Velez


Sustainability posses a shift of paradigm in scientific endeavor by directing research priorities from understanding human impacts on the natural system to envisioning and implementing solutions for a rapidly changing world. The relatively novelty of sustainability science implies fundamental conceptual, practical and operational challenges that remain to be addressed. This session identifies and discusses some of those challenges. They include current frameworks for knowledge co-production; the linking of facts and values for communication and decision-making; and the consideration of equity in the implementation of public policies. Operational issues include challenges in the translation of global sustainable development goals to local realities in urban and rural environments as well as essential strategies to foster transdisciplinary sustainability research and education in universities. Finally the session discusses practical cases exemplifying the opportunities and gaps for applying transdisciplinary sustainability research to addressing practical sustainability challenges including natural resource management and emerging patterns of infectious disease transmission among others.


Type Details Minutes
Introduction Victor Gutierrez-Velez Temple University 10
Panelist Alexis Saenz Temple University 10
Panelist Daniel Wiese Temple University 10
Panelist Jeronimo Rodriguez Temple University 10
Panelist Michael Henderson Temple University 10
Discussant Dirk Kinsey Temple University 10
Discussant Melissa Gilbert Temple University 10
Panelist Matthew Marcus Temple University 10

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