From the Anthropocene to Postgenomics: New Configurations of Body-World 3

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Cultural and Political Ecology Specialty Group, Health and Medical Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/11/2018
Start / End Time: 3:20 PM / 5:00 PM (MDT)
Room: Grand Chenier, Sheraton, 5th Floor
Organizers: Becky Mansfield, Maurizio Meloni, Ariel Rawson
Chairs: Becky Mansfield


These sessions are on the traffic between “postgenomics”—as an emerging way of thinking about living organisms—and the “Anthropocene”—as an emerging way of thinking about the planet. Postgenomic sciences such as epigenomics and microbiomics increasingly figure bodies as open, malleable, responsive multiplicities. This challenges the idea of the body as a fixed, closed, and sovereign entity that is walled off from environmental influences, including human actions. Against both gene/environment and human/nature dualisms, in this view bodies are fully imbricated with sociobiochemical environments that influence the action of genes and development of organisms. Using the term Anthropocene, emerging earth and atmospheric sciences increasingly figure the planet, too, as open, malleable, and responsive. Used to identify the present as the geologic age of humans (especially in reference to the planet-altering effects of hydrocarbon energy, materials, fertilizers, etc.) this challenges the idea of nature as an external and pristine entity, walled off from human action. This view challenges not only the human/nature dualism but also the biological/geological dualism, undermining divides between living and non-living. The papers explore how, why, and with what effects these reconfigurations of life increasingly are taken as the truth in this historical moment. Themes include new hopes and anxieties, implications for governmentality, questions of justice and inequality, ideas about variation and difference, and temporalities.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Chelsea Leiper*, University of Delaware, The Paleo Paradox: “Re-wilding” Bodies in the Anthropocene 20 3:20 PM
Presenter Maria Fannin*, University of Bristol, From fetus to species: the reproductive futures of postgenomics and the Anthropocene 20 3:40 PM
Presenter Bruce Braun*, University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, Geologics beyond life 20 4:00 PM
Presenter Maurizio Meloni*, , Imprinting and Optimizing: Impressionable Bodies and the Postgenomic Government of Plasticity 20 4:20 PM
Discussant Rebecca Lave Indiana University 20 4:40 PM

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