Black Geographies of Resilience

Type: Paper
Theme: Black Geographies
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Poster #:
Day: 4/13/2018
Start / End Time: 10:00 AM / 11:40 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Napoleon D3, Sheraton 3rd Floor
Organizers: Jannie Scott, Jonathan Gomez
Chairs: Jonathan Gomez


This panel contends that the study of Black geographies contributes “greatly to our knowledge of the intellectual, institutional, and physical infrastructure of ethnically organized human rights abuses” (Woods, 2002). Moreover, our approach to Black geographies heeds Woods’ call to broaden our understanding of human rights abuses. In this light, our optic of human rights abuses registers, but is not limited to, anti-black disciplinary practices in public education, the abandonment of low-income housing, houselessness, educational apartheid, the denial of egalitarian public spheres, and the destruction of official and alternative archives capable of critically registering the struggles for physical place of Black people. Within the current socio-cultural and political economic context of neoliberal abandonment, Black communities across the nation have used improvisation, imagination and concrete action to reclaim human rights that have been stripped from them by dominant social groups, if not transgress the full impacts of systematic neglect. The vision of this session is to analyze how Black communities author and authorize multiple and diverse visions of citizenship and social membership in this context. Aligning ourselves with methodologies of community engaged scholarship, we blend scholarship with the archives and imaginaries emerging from the grassroots. For scholars, our presentation offers new archives about intergenerational networks of apprenticeship, and new ways to think about race, space, gender, generation, and citizenship in the U.S.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Jannie Scott*, UC Santa Barbara, Moving Within Freedom: Antioch Colony and the Placemaking Processes Among Rural Black Texans 20 10:00 AM
Presenter Amoni Thompson-Jones*, University of California at Santa Barbara, Black Girlhood and the Making of Place 20 10:20 AM
Presenter Jonathan Gomez*, UC Santa Barbara, Zones of Unexpectancy: Black Improvisation, Imagination, and Reclamation of Social Space-Time in Neoliberal Los Angeles 20 10:40 AM
Presenter Robert Brown*, Appalachian State University, The Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans: A Study in the Subversive Use of Carnival Traditions 20 11:00 AM
Presenter Jamila Moore Pewu*, California State University - Fullerton, Towards a Spatially Fluent Black Atlantic World 20 11:20 AM

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