Physical Geography Poster Session II

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Day: 4/12/2018
Start / End Time: 1:20 PM / 3:00 PM
Room: Napoleon Foyer/Common St. Corridor, Sheraton, 3rd Floor
Organizers: Program Committee


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ID Title Participant
001 Design and Development of Urban Tree Inventory Schema Shunfu Hu
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
002 A global analysis of ground water depletion Shrinidhi Ambinakudige
Mississippi State University
003 Updating boundaries for large water bodies of the Coteau des Prairies using Landsat 8 Bruce Millett
South Dakota State University
004 Constructing the Spatial Units of Vulnerability and Social Resilience by the Analysis of Social-spatial Differences:A Case Study of Rainfall Disaster in Central Taiwan Yuling Song
National Changhua University of Education, Department of Geography
005 Mapping land change trajectory in the Delhi National Capital Region, India using the Breaks for Additive Seasonal and Trend Method Gargi Chaudhuri
University of Wisconsin La Crosse
006 Nation-level antibiotic resistance geography: Developing a prototype WMS system Chul Sue Hwang
Professor Kyung Hee University
007 Soil lead remediation, addressing a serious health risk in southwest Detroit Kent Murray
Univ. of Michigan
008 Accessibility to hurricane shelters for Airbnb users in Miami metropolitan area Sanghoon Kim
University of Florida
009 Assessment of Snow Cover Product Using Google Earth Engine Cloud Computing Platform Zhen Li
Institute of remote sensing and digital earth
010 Soil microbial diversity, enzyme activities, and their influencing factors along altitudes of Changbai Mountain Xiuqin Yin
011 Remote Sensing Approaches for Automated Global Mangrove Classification Rishi Singh
Clark University
012 Remote Detection of Harmful Algal Blooms Using the Sentinel-2 MultiSpectral Instrument Carly Robbins
Clark University
013 An enhanced, high-resolution global inventory of dams and artificial water impoundments. Blake Walter
Kansas State University
014 Measuring the Topograpy and Motion of the El Altar Rock Glacier in the Cordillera Frontal, Argentina Adrienne Shumlich
University of Delaware
015 The spatial distribution of ecosystem service provision in China Wang Jing
Wuhan University
016 Impact of Green Infrastructure Projects on Perception of Safety in a Neighborhood Sanaz Chamanara
University of Michigan
017 Analysis of the impact of changing snowpack extents on downstream water supply in the Peruvian Andes Rachel Sullivan
018 Travel behavior of residents in booming communities, Central Texas Fangda Lu
019 A Novel Hyperspectral Image Classification Method Based on the t-SNE and AdaBoost Algorithms Xiaoai Dai
020 Identifying Plastic Microfibers in the Marine Environment Using Hyperspectral Imaging Darimar Davila
021 Defining the Subterranean Joint Pattern of North Alabama Jessica Coffey
022 Using an Atlas for Enhancing Spatial Cognition and Education: A Case of the National Atlas of Korea for Children and Youth Ahran Baek
023 Commuting Research: A Review of Recent Achievements and Challenges for future research Firoozeh Karimi
024 An analysis on Holocene Paleoclimate Environments in Korean Peninsula Reconstructed by using Magnetic Evidence Jieun Choi
025 Impacts of Climate and Land Use Changes on Water Provisioning in the Lake Okeechobee Watershed Shiyu Gong
University of Cincinnati
026 Effects of sea level rise, land subsidence, bathymetric change and typhoon tracks on storm flooding in the coastal areas of Shanghai Jun Wang
027 The Integration of Optical and Microwave Space Data to Locate Potential Sites for Groundwater Exploration in Eastern Sudan Sarah Eure
028 Land cover change in the Republic of Cuba Janet Torres
University of California - Berkeley
029 Regional Accessibility Improvement and Evolution of Traffic Connection Network Structure YE TIAN
030 Regional Joint Patterns in Northwest Alabama Payton Gilchrist
031 Locating Shelters for Earthquakes by Utilizing Optimization method: A case study for Baku,Azerbaijan Gunel Huseynova
032 Social media analysis of the terrorist attacks in London, UK. Ruixue Wang
033 China's Export Evolution in Global Product Spatial Network from 2000 to 2011 Shan Li
034 Research on spatial-temporal patterns and influencing factors of land subsidence in the North China Plain Xu Wang
035 Soil Charcoal Carbon Pools and Charcoal Distribution in a Clear-cut Appalachian Forest Jacob Cecil
University of Tennessee
036 Short Term Glacial Degradation Within Glacier National Park, Montana Brit Ickes
037 Characterizing avalanches paths to estimate disturbance in Glacier National Park Morgan Voss
038 The role of downsloping winds in enhancing surface melt on Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica Christopher Karmosky
SUNY - Oneonta
039 The Cold Regions Bibliography Project -- Views of the Final Products Sharon Tahirkheli
American Geosciences Institute
040 Production and Routing of Surface Meltwater on the Greenland Ice Sheet Ablation Zone Near the Ilulissat Glacier Christopher Pessell
041 Patterns and Trends in Lake Ice Phenology.: a Meta Analysis Junfeng Xu
South Dakota State University
042 Organic contamination in sub-tidal sediments near Palmer Station, Antarctica Andrew Klein
Texas A&M University
043 Selecting Indicators for Understanding Arctic Change and Its Implications Florence Fetterer
National Snow and Ice Data Center
044 Using modern photogrammetric methods to assess vegetation change (1995-2017), Toolik Lake, Alaska Brianna Rick
University of Montana
045 Modeling climate effects on Tennessee sinkholes with logistic regression and MaxEnt species distribution modeling Kimberly Blazzard
East Tennessee State University
046 Observations of vertical heat flux in basalt, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii, USA. Steve Gordon
US Air Force Academy
047 Annual Surface Elevation Change of the Lehman Rock Glacier in Great Basin National Park, Nevada, USA John-Morgan Manos
The Ohio State University
048 Machine Learning Approach to Predicting Coastal Geomorphology Jacob Lehner
Texas A&M University
049 Classifying floodplain geomorphology and land cover from Landsat 7 and ancillary data using GEOBIA Xingchen Chen
Texas A&M
050 Geomorphic insights regarding the Kissimmee River prior to major modification Megan Black
051 Characterizing nabkhas of the Al-Azraq Basin, Jordan using grains size, x-ray diffraction, and scanning electron microscopy Elisabeth Newton
052 No Boundaries: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Documenting Two Millennia of Landscape Transformation on Barbuda, Lesser Antilles Lisa Kennedy
PhD Virginia Tech
053 Internal Structure and Composition of Rock Glaciers in the Eastern Cascades, Washington Adam Riffle
GIS Lab Manager Central Washington University
054 Investigating aeolian processes and landscape relationships of the Al-Azraq Basin, Jordan using grain size, x-ray diffraction, and IRSL Caroline Davies
University of Missouri-Kansas City
055 Analyses of Terrestrial and Martian Barchan Morphometry Robert Butler
University of Alabama
056 Landform identification of the low-order filled valleys by using digital aerial photogrammetry and morphometric analysis: a case study of the Xindian River, northern Taiwan Wen-Yu Lin
National Taiwan Normal University
057 Structural and sedimentological connectivity on a rilled hillslope Xiaoyu Lu
University of Tennessee
058 Spatial patterns of channel morphology and bed material texture at a chute cutoff Abigail Knight
059 Distribution of Large Woody Debris after a big flood, North Fork Watershed, Missouri Ozarks Leah Bournival
Missouri State University
060 Recent changes to the Lower Mississippi embanked floodplain Paul Hudson
Leiden University
061 Sandy aeolian deposition in southeastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin: A forgotten and poorly understood sandy aeolian landscape. Preliminary Results. Phillip Larson
Dr. Minnesota State University
062 Geomorphic effects of prescribed burning on headwater stream channels in Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri Grace Roman
Valparaiso University
063 Investigating the potential geomorphic implications of sediment modification by freshwater mussels Matthew Koerner
University of Alabama
064 Land Type and Shoreline Change on Louisiana Barrier Islands Grand Isle and West Grand Terre: 1998-2017 Lindsey Aucoin
Sam Houton State University
065 Comparing whitebark pine radial growth response to climate variables in the Cascades and Sierra Nevada, USA April Kaiser

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