Human Geography Poster Session I

Type: Poster
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Day: 4/11/2018
Start / End Time: 1:20 PM / 3:00 PM
Room: Napoleon Foyer/Common St. Corridor, Sheraton, 3rd Floor
Organizers: Program Committee


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ID Title Participant
001 Multiple Sclerosis Disease and County-level Contextual Characteristics: A Case Study in New England Region Yunliang Meng
Central Connecticut State University
002 Developing an Interdisciplinary Program: Environmental Studies from a Geographic Perspective Leslie Duram
Professor Southern Illinois University
003 A GeoCapabilities Approach in Japan: International Collaborative Research for Pre/In‐service Teacher Training Program and Expanding the Research. Ryuta Yamamoto
004 Landscape functional zoning at county level based on ecosystem services tradeoffs: A targeted poverty alleviation perspective Yanxu Liu
Beijing normal university
005 Urban Labs - Urban Development by Innovative Participation Friedrich Zimmermann
Professor University of Graz
006 How Governments Categorize Arctic Peoples Olivia Napper
Graduate Student George Washington University
007 Identification of spatial characteristics that bring weekend population concentration at specific subways stations in Seoul Seung-Min Lee
008 Exploring the Impact of Urban Form on Gender Differences in Job Accessibility Hongbo Yu
Oklahoma State University
009 Economic Viability of Improving Boston MBTA Commuter Rail Service Anthony Jreije
Clark University
010 Assessing Juvenile Tree Stewardship on Multi-family Residential Properties in Holyoke and Chelsea Massachusetts Eli Baldwin
Clark University
011 Port Redevelopment in Haifa: mitigating interests in a “mixed’ city. Nathan Bram
Clark University
012 Understanding Regional Cost of Living and Regional Income Convergence Ryan James
Northern Illinois University
013 Mural density and changes in income and population diversity in Philadelphia, PA Glenn Roedel
014 Modelling Projects of Environmental Sustainability for Community Empowerment in Small US Cities: The Northend Greenway and the Path Forward Amelia Morrison
James Madison University
015 Research on Creative Industry Parks’ Spatial Evolution and Urban Space Reconstruction in Shenzhen Duan Jie
016 Investment network structure and its impact mechanism of One Belt and Road countries – Based on the Exponential Random Graph Model analysis WENLONG YANG
017 Geographical Characteristics and Environmental Issues as Perspective of Indigenous Local Knowledge in Seoul, Korea JI HYUN CHA
018 How Good is Twitter Data: Comparing Phone Usage Patterns Using Social Media vs. Calculated Home Location Allen Finchum
Associate Professor Oklahoma State University
019 Optimizing Spatial Accessibility of Health Services Based on 3SFCA and PSO Model: A Case Study of Shanwei City Lingling Chen
Guangzhou university
020 Sense of Community: Identifiers in Detroit, Michigan Keith Bremer
Fort Hays State University
021 Before and After Hurricane Harvey: Dialysis Patients Perceptions and Preparedness in a Disaster Shadae Dixon
022 The New Urban Crisis Index for U.S. Suburbia Jongwon Choi
University of Florida
023 Land development intensity evaluation and zoning of urban agglomerations Zhenbo Wang
Chinese Academy of Sciences
024 The Political Ecology of Kidneys in South Texas Emma Lawlor
University of Arizona, School of Geography and Development
025 Migration Impact on China’s Population Dividing Line Driven by Hybrid Features: A Climate Change Perspective Yi Sun
Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences
026 Blue Growth and the Restoration of Visual Access to the Tagus River in Lisbon, Portugal Jose Torres
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Central Michigan University
027 Specialization, Variety and Urban Economic Growth: An Empirical Study Based on Panel Data of Chinese Prefecture-level city Xiaozhen Qin
028 The inverteded U-shaped effect of urban hotspots spatial compactness on the economic growth Xu Weipan
Sun Yat-sen University
029 Comparative Study of Environmental Awareness in India and the United States Danielle De Mesa
Kean University
030 The Academic Library As Place: Perceptions of Welcomeness Among Black College Students Brenton Stewart
Louisiana State University
031 Louisiana's Unique Truck-Stop Casinos Taylor Mack
Louisiana Tech University
032 Identifying Regional Brand Interest through Google Marketing Tools Samuel Van Camp
Central Michigan University
033 Brucellosis Transmission Between Humans and Domesticated Livestock in Southern Kazakhstan: Inferences Through Mlva Typing Sheldon Waugh
034 The NY Metro Area Timespace Altered by Modern Modes of Transportations Michelle Saavedra
035 A juvenile tree planting priority strategy to support urban greening for the Greening the Gateway Cities Program in Fitchburg Massachusetts Miles Weule Chandler
Clark University
036 Shifts in Content and Technology in Higher Ed Geography courses since the 1930s Molly McGraw
Southeastern Louisiana University
037 Metropolization and innovative productive capital in Brazil Regina Tunes
038 Spatial Pattern of Urban Poverty and its Environmental Impacts; Case Study of Bahawalpur City Maria Bhatti
MS The Government Sadiq College Women University Bahahwalpur
039 The Geography of Underrepresentation: Latino Student Absence at a Predominantly White Public University Jonathan Burkham
Assistant Professor
040 The 500 Cities Ranking: A Disparity Analysis of Health Determinants and Outcomes Margaret Boateng
Georgia State University
041 Teaching the Geography of the America’s Using Carmen Aguirre’s Memoir, Something Fierce Kimberley Naqvi
Thompson Rivers University
042 On the Use of the Enneagram as a Framework to Examine Societal Development Matthew Mulbrandon
MS Universiteit Utrecht
043 A Spatial Analysis on the Supply and Demand of Senior Housing Services in China Xiaoping Shen
Central Connecticut State University
044 The new educational policies in High School in Latin America: An analysis of Argentina and Brazil from the school geography Clezio Dos Santos
Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro
045 Tale of Neighborhoods: Comparison of Biophysical and Socio-economic Vulnerability for Resiliency and Adaptation Jacob Hunt
046 Sustainability Assessment of a Community Vision for an Open Space Matthew Cohen
Furman University
047 Environmental Justice for All: GIS Analysis to Assess the Accessibility of Public Parks - a Case Study of Auburn, AL Ethan Burt
Auburn University
048 Catching the Cloud and Pinning It Down: The Social and Environmental Impacts of Data Centers Heather Ipsen
Syracuse University
049 The Camera as Research Tool Alexander Nelson
050 Bo Bartlett, Realist Painter’s Sense of Place: Analyzing the Impact of Four Studio Locations on an Oeuvre Christofer Gass
Columbus State University
051 Revisiting Hueyate region in Chiapas, Mexico SARA BARRASA GARCIA
Centro Inv Geografia Ambiental
052 Pueblos Viejos - Pueblos Nuevos: landscape transformation in the north of Michoacán (Mexico) during the Novohispanic period Karine Lefebvre
053 Reconstruction of Landscape and Wind Environment of the 19th Century Rural Village in Japan Muneyki Natsume
Kyoto University
054 Place-making in Nicaragua: Revisiting Managua’s Evolving Landscape Craig Revels
Central Washington University
055 Mortgages and Maintenance: Characteristics of Greenness Change in an Urban Desert Landscape Joshua Randall
PhD Student/Research Assistant North Carolina State Univeristy
056 What we know and don’t know about human ecology mapping: Lessons from the field David Banis
Portland State University
057 Determining Correlation between Competitiveness and Voter Turnout: A 2012 Congressional Election Case Study Robert Putman
058 Adult Environmental Education: Active vs. Passive Pedagogy Kelly McKenna
059 Soil Made Visible Pat Farrell
University of Minnesota

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