General Hydrology

Type: Paper
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Day: 4/12/2018
Start / End Time: 1:20 PM / 3:00 PM (MDT)
Room: Riverview II, Marriott, River Tower Elevators, 41st Floor
Organizers: Program Committee
Chairs: Keshav Bhattarai



Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Mandy Munro-Stasiuk*, Kent State University, Corrine Coakley, Kent State University, James Tyner, Kent State University, Sokvisal Kimsroy, Kent State University, Stian Rice, Kent State University, Khmer Rouge irrigation projects (1975-1979): extent, scale, style, and impact 20 1:20 PM
Presenter Dinuke Munasinghe*, University of Alabama, Sagy Cohen, University of Alabama, Riparian Vegetation Response to Streamflow Alteration Due to Dam Construction in a Range of Rivers Across the United States 20 1:40 PM
Presenter Samiah Moustafa*, Rutgers University, Asa Rennermalm, Rutgers University, Dirk van As, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Irina Overeem, University of Colorado Boulder, Marco Tedesco, Columbia University, Thomas Mote, University of Georgia, Lora Koenig, University of Colorado Boulder, Laurence Smith, University of California Los Angeles, Birgit Hagedorn, University of Alaska Anchorage, Ronald Sletten, University of Washington, Andreas Mikkelsen, University of Copenhagen, Bent Hasholt, University of Copenhagen, Dorothy Hall, Michigan State University, Xavier Fettweis, University of Liege, Belgium, Lincoln Pitcher, University of California Los Angeles, Alun Hubbard, Centre for Glaciology, Model-Observed Runoff along the West Greenland Ice Sheet 20 2:00 PM
Presenter Keshav Bhattarai*, University of Central Missouri, Dennis Conway, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, Environmental Changes, Glacial Morphologies, and Hydropower Development 20 2:20 PM
Presenter Kunwar Singh*, North Carolina State University, Josh Gray, Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, North Carolina State University, Trading milk for water: Evaluating hydrologic impacts of reduced alfalfa cropping in California’s Central Valley 20 2:40 PM

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