Physical Geography: Water

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Day: 4/12/2018
Start / End Time: 8:00 AM / 9:40 AM
Room: Napoleon Foyer/Common St. Corridor, Sheraton, 3rd Floor
Organizers: The American Association of Geographers



ID Title Participant
001 Spatiotemporal Variability of Precipitation in the Tropical Andes of Southern Peru and Bolivia during the 2015-16 Strong El Niño Joe Jonaitis
Appalachian State University
002 Dirty Snow - the impact of urban particulates on a mid-latitude seasonal snowpack David Kelley
Syracuse University
003 Spatial variability of sediment size and lead concentrations on a mining-contaminated river bar in Big River, southeast Missouri Madeline Behlke-Entwisle
004 Deliberative Mapping for a Changing Salish Sea Katrina Radach
Western Washington University
005 Sociohydrology: Where are we five years later? Inci Guneralp
Texas A&M University
006 Mapping Turbidity Levels and Sedimentation Flow into Lake Superior using a Landsat 8 Image Siona Roberts
University of Minnesota - Duluth
007 Accounting for and Predicting the Influence of Spatial Autocorrelation in Water Quality Modeling Lorrayne Miralha
University of Kentucky
008 Assessing the Effects of Hydrologic Enforcement Algorithms on Watershed Modeling in Central Texas Thomas Pesek
Texas State University - San Marcos
009 What Level of Complexity is Necessary? A Comparison of Runoff Potential Modeling Techniques in a Small Watershed. Mark Mahar
010 HydroCloud: an online tool for visualizing spatio-temporal hydrologic data Martin Roberge
Towson University
011 Response of a Small Stream in Virginia to Major Rainfall Events Alistair Andrulis
012 A multiscale framework for modeling the long-term evolution of meandering rivers and their floodplains Billy Hales
Texas A&M University
013 Geospatial analysis of bank erosion for conservation planning, Lamar Lake Watershed, Missouri Hannah Adams
Missouri State University
014 A coupled hydrologic-hydrodynamic model for assessing hydrologic surface connectivity between a river and its floodplain Cesar Castillo
Graduate Student Texas A&M University
015 Dam Impacts on Downstream Water Quality and Chemistry Charles Button
Central Connecticut State University
016 Qanats in the Irrigation Milieu of South Asia Dale Lightfoot
Professor Oklahoma State University
017 Bathymetric Structure-from-Motion: Change Detection and Technical Improvements James Dietrich
Assistant Professor University of Northern Iowa
018 Characterizing methods to investigate water resources governance Kristin Sleeper
019 An analysis of Florida groundwater quality, 2001 - 2017 Nicolas Saravia
020 Sediment Profiles and Hydrological Implications Following Hurricane Harvey for Mission River in Texas Courtney Guidry
021 Effects of Poultry Rearing Facilities on the Biogeochemistry of Rural Headwater Streams in the South Carolina Piedmont Ryan Thomas
Furman University
022 Machine Learning Approach to Wetland Delineation Brianna Lunardi
University of Windsor
023 Total Suspended Sediment and Chloride in the Upper South Fork of the New River: Implications for Watershed Health and Aquatic Life James Sanders
024 Influence of differing bed surface compositions on aeolian sediment transport activity Ty Briggs
Student college
025 Impacts of mining on a subalpine lake in the central Colorado Rocky Mountains Bethany Walker
026 Otter Creek Watershed (west-central Indiana) Management Planning: Initial Phase Susan Berta
Indiana State University
027 Impacts of Flood and Rainfall Variability on Agricultural Decision Making in the Okavango Delta, Botswana Natalie Regennitter
University of Texas - Austin
028 A Study of Rip Current Warning Dissemination Methods Alexandra Scaman
University of Windsor
029 Spatial Assessment of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation and Nutrient Changes within the Chesapeake Bay from 2000-2010 Savannah Hardisky
Stetson University
030 Searching for Flood Rings in Quercus macrocarpa on the Lower Chippewa River Lindsey Kurtz
031 Mercury in the Cache Creek Watershed – Trends, Hot Spots and Ecosystem Services Analysis Deseret Weeks
San Francisco State University
032 A Comparison of Drought Indicators to Crop yields for Nebraska from 1981 to 2012 Beichen Zhang
University Of Nebraska - Lincoln
033 Assessing tectonic and climatic controls for Late Quaternary fluvial terraces in Guide, Jianzha, and Xunhua Basins for the Yellow River on the northeastern Tibetan Plateau Xiaohua Guo
034 Summary of acid mine drainage, remediation efforts, and Friends of Deckers Creek in the Deckers Creek watershed Haley Mutz
West Virginia University
035 Factors influencing sediment yields of selected watersheds in Puerto Rico Kathleen Vaughn
University of Texas - Austin
036 Long-term mining-zinc contamination and remediation effectiveness of stream sediments in the Galena Watershed, SW-Wisconsin and NW-Illinois Dylan King
Missouri State University
037 Delineating New Proposed Wetland Boundaries in the Cutshaw Bog of the Cherokee National Forest, Tennessee Victoria Anderson
038 Sediment Budget Approach to Evaluating Legacy Deposits on Missouri Ozark Floodplains Katy Reminga
Missouri State University
039 Stratigraphic analysis and environmental history of legacy floodplain deposits, lower Big River, southeast Missouri Miranda Jordan
Missouri State University
040 Rainwater as Potential Resource for Water Independence in Tucson’s Communities Qing Zhong
University of Arizona
041 Bio-hydro-micrometeorology of a Sierra Nevada montane meadow Suzanne Maher
Chabot Community College
042 How many lakes received glacier melting water on the Tibetan Plateau? Qinghua Ye
Insititute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS
043 Greenhouse Gases Emission fluxes at the Sediment-Water Interface of the Sewage Draining Rives in Tianjin Beibei Hu

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