Human Geography: Urban and Transportation

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Day: 4/11/2018
Start / End Time: 5:20 PM / 7:00 PM
Room: Napoleon Foyer/Common St. Corridor, Sheraton, 3rd Floor
Organizers: The American Association of Geographers



ID Title Participant
001 Balancing urban growth and ecological conservation: A challenge for planning and governance Burak Guneralp
Texas A&M University
002 Mapping the Changing Face of Crime in Portland, Oregon: How Property, Poverty and the Lived Environment Correlate with Crime Rates from May 2015 - September 2017 Katherine Welch
Western Washington University
003 Seattle's segregated riskscape Troy Abel
Western Washington University
004 Tokyo Dairy Story Masayo Tsuchida
Esri Japan Corporation
005 How urban design can contribute to the improvement of the spatial performance of high-density city station areas Yuming Cui
University of Hong Kong
006 Measuring Polycentric Structures of Megaregions in China: Linking Morphological and Functional Dimensions Wei Chen
007 Governing tHe Smart City: a gOvernace-centred approach to SmarT urbanism – GHOST Paola Zamperlin
University of Florence
008 Spatial characteristics of public housing renewal in the wards of Tokyo Keiichiro ISHIKAWA
009 A Temporal Analysis of Rank - Size Distribution and Functional Characteristics of a Settlement System - Case study of Jabalpur District in Madhya Pradesh Purva Sharma
Ph.D Candidate University of North Carolina, Greensboro
010 Mapping the Geographic Effect of Sex Offender Housing Restrictions Wendy Dorman
Graduate Student Eastern Michigan University
011 Mapping Housing Market Strength and Displacement Pressures in Chicago, IL Joyce Percel
012 Minnesota Smart City Infrastructure Application Coleman Shepard
013 Comparison of spatial patterns of urban sprawl across Mexican and U.S cities using spatial metrics Gustavo Ovando
Oklahoma State University
014 Geospatial Analysis for Monitoring and Modeling Urban Sprawl in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Lucas Boakye
Chicago State University
015 Mapping neighborhood change in Austin's Eastside Kathleen Seal
Visiting Assistant Professor Texas Lutheran University
016 University Expansion and Redevelopment in Rust Belt Johnson City, New York Frank Tolbert
Binghamton University
017 Can Urban Birds Have a Positive Effect on Neighborhoods Well-Being? Abel Ayon
University of North Carolina - Charlotte
018 100 years of Interlocking Directorates in the Canadian Urban System Sean O'Hagan
Assistant Professor Nipissing University
019 Impact of municipal policies on trees in Los Angeles County SU JIN LEE
Dr. University of Southern California
020 The Geography of Adaptive Reuse in Fort Worth, Texas Alexandra Rapisarda
Texas Christian University
021 Bohemian Brooklyn; Tracking The Artist Movement in Bushwick Courtney Zirkel
022 Walkability versus Walking Behavior: A Case Study in Brookings, SD Joseph Schmunk
South Dakota State University
023 Envisioning Coordinated Management Systems for Aging City Infrastructure: Identifying communication and efficiency gaps in urban infrastructure management and repair Jessica Wright
Boston University
024 Death and Destruction of Black Mecca: The Gentrification of Historically Black Communities Zaria El-Fil
025 Temporal Shift of Poverty within Metropolitan Statistical Areas Craig Benson
Mr U.S. Bureau Of the Census
026 Minority Home Ownership Patterns in the United States…A Function of Race or a Function of Household Income? Angeline Johnson
University of Toledo
027 Revisiting Edward Ullman's dissertation: Long term land use change in Downtown Mobile, Alabama, 1940-2011. Roy Ryder
University Of South Alabama
028 The Geographical Construction of Fictive Family: Homelessness and Emplaced Family Formation Among Homeless Youth in Charleston, SC Katie Joiner
College of Charleston
029 Neighborhood Social Ties and Outdoor Air Quality: Effects of Ambient Stressors on the Mechanisms of “Sense of Community” in Planned Neighborhoods Keith Miller
030 Impact of Curb Appeal on Single-Family House Price in Selected Neighborhoods in Boston Awanti Acharya
University of Connecticut
031 Hard-to-Count Urban Housing: Efforts to Ensure an Accurate Census in New York City Stephen Wolkwitz
City of New York - Department of City Planning
032 Effects of Greenspace Configuration on the Urban Heat Island in Kansas City, MO Elizabeth Wesley
Kansas Biological Survey
033 Mapping latest patterns of urban sprawl in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Sheliza Bhanjee
034 The Identification of Shrinking Cities in South Korea and Their Characteristics. Hojin Jeon
035 Impacts of Spatial and Functional Relationships on Suburban Growth in Metropolitan Areas Eom Hyuntae
036 There’s No Place Like Home: A Critical Analysis of the Millennial and Student Housing Markets in Keene Mark Landolina
Keene State College
037 Evaluating the influence of permitted livestock facilities in nutrient transport into Northwestern part of the Maumee River Basin, Ohio: A transportation modelling of manure distribution Edwina Teye
038 Mapping Trail Suitability Corridors and Connectivity in Doña Ana County, New Mexico Daniel Carter
New Mexico State University
039 Using Fiscal Impact Assessment to Identify Social and Geographic Inequities Jamie Spinney
South Dakota State University
040 Comparative Cycling Policies Daria Scofield
041 Are We There Yet? Sustainable Transportation in Keene and the Monadnock Region Aimee Krafft
042 Homeless Movement: Biking and Bricolage in a City of Automobiles Cory Parker
University of California - Davis
043 On the Accuracy of Schedule-Based Transit Accessibility Measures Nate Wessel
University of Toronto
044 What Affects Bicyclist Comfort Most?: Assessing Objective and Perceived Streetscape Factors Zachary Hayes
University of Michigan - Flint
045 Transit ridership and transit accessibility in Los Angeles John Cho
Southern California Association of Governments
046 LYNX Blue Line, Charlotte, NC: two stations, two destinies Elina Sukaryavichute
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
047 Washington, D.C. Metro Area Sustainable Transit – Increasing Rail Ridership Ten Percent by Directly Connecting Falls Church to Bethesda, MD. Timothy Wendeborn
Central Connecticut State University
048 Baltimore, Maryland: Birthplace of Bicycling in the United States Geoffrey Buckley
Professor Ohio University
049 The Coming Pilot Shortage: A Geographic Analysis of U.S. Flight Training Resources and Pilot Production Thomas Wikle
Oklahoma State
050 The Impacts of Deficient Highways in Waterbury, Connecticut Caryn DeCrisanti
Central Connecticut State University
051 Landscapes of Fear: A Comprehensive Traffic Accident Severity Analysis of Dhaka Metropolitan Area, Bangladesh Panini Chowdhury
052 Transit Accessibility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Analyzing Nearest Neighbor using Open Source Geospatial Programs Zachary Ewoldt
Miami University
053 Optimization of Spatiotemporal Transit Operations in Cerritos, CA Haminton Lam
California State University, Long Beach
054 Social Equitability of Access to Public Transportation in Shenzhen, China: Progress towards United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 9 and 11 Jimmy Feng
055 The Accessibility of Services for Older Adults in South Frontenac Township Nicole Raymer
Queen's University
056 Assessment of Quality and Equity of Public Transit Services in Sydney, Australia Zeyuan Qi
University of New South Wales
057 Spatial distribution and location preferences of various leisure entertainment facilities: a spatial syntax analysis Sanwei He
Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
058 The evolution process of three-dimension demographic dividend in China ZHAO Yingzhi
059 Children's Perspectives of an Urban River Corridor: A Study of the Jordan River, Salt Lake City, Utah Taya Carothers
Utah State University

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