Human Geography: Political Geography, Environmental Policy, and Sustainability

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Day: 4/12/2018
Start / End Time: 5:20 PM / 7:00 PM
Room: Napoleon Foyer/Common St. Corridor, Sheraton, 3rd Floor
Organizers: The American Association of Geographers



ID Title Participant
001 Unionism on the map: The British General Election of 2017 Fiona Davidson
University Of Arkansas
002 In the Hope of Purification – A Political Geography Analysis of Legal Proceedings against German Foreign Fighters Sarah Klosterkamp
University of Muenster
003 Potential Electoral Impacts of Gill v. Whitford Jesse Hufstedler
004 Hole(s) in the Blue Wall: Visualizing the Trump swing in Wisconsin, 2012-2016. Jeffrey Zimmerman
University of Wisconsin Whitewater
005 Spatial Overlap in Measuring Support for Anti-Immigrant Parties Jenny Berggren
University of North Carolina - Greensboro
006 A Case Study of Removing Legacies of Racism in Greensboro, North Carolina Nicole Hawks
University of North Carolina - Greensboro
007 Stickin' it to the Man: The Geography of Protest Stickers Hannah Awcock
Royal Holloway, University of London
008 Local Institutions of Culture as Urban Stewards. In Quest for Hybrid Governance in Warsaw, Poland. Artur Filip
Ph.D. Warsaw University of Technology / MoMA in Warsaw
009 Policy Coverage or Political Rhetoric? Media Narratives on Sanctuary Cities in Canada Emmanuel Kyeremeh
010 Public space and protest in Tehran: Legacy of Enghelab street Amir Khaghani
Florida International University
011 “Science belongs to everyone”: Re-envisioning the linear model at the March for Science with a co-created science of belonging Devin Lea
University of Oregon
012 Throwing out the rule book: Informal collaboration between Peru, Bolivia, and Brasil Maria Del Pilar Delpino Marimon
Cornell University
013 Elephants of the Pink City, Jaipur, India: A study of the captive elephant welfare and management practice in ex-situ environmental conditions Ayan Sasmal
University of Northern Iowa
014 Mainstreaming ecosystem services for improved agricultural and environmental policy integration: Conceptual lessons from the BONUS MIRACLE project Gerald Schwarz
015 Theoretical Explanation and Policy System Construction of Differentiated Land Management ZHANG Junfeng
Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
016 The changing geography of conservation: the evolution of “ecosystem” in the greater Yellowstone Eric Compas
Associate Professor University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
017 South East Queensland Australia’s Edges, Frontiers, Borders / The Past and Present Aboriginal Land Use and Land Cover Changes Anita Holmes
018 Encroaching development, protection for some: Spatial relationships between indigenous peoples and national parks in Chiapas and Guatemala Tristan Boyd
019 Perceived Vulnerability of the Ogallala Aquifer, Wetlands and Aquatic Biodiversity: The Gap between the Public and Scientific Experts Jason Bergtold
Kansas State University
020 Place Name Restoration in Haudenosaunee Territory Sophie Brown
021 Environmental Citizenship in Kuwait Reem Alawadhi
022 Australian contributions to Strategic & Military Geography Stuart Pearson
Associate Professor UNSW Australia, Canberra
023 Engineering the Dam Fight: An Examination of the Role of Scientists and Engineers in Governance Conflicts Over the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin Frank Schmitz
024 Re-examining Canada’s Natural Resources Development from an Environmental Justice and Political Ecology Lens Wynet Smith
Bishop's University
025 Central Asia Watch Project Mariya Pak
Independent Researcher
026 Lake Monitoring, Citizen Science, and Environmental Citizenship:Exploring Avenues for Engagement and Advocacy Sharon Moran
State Univeristy of New York - Env. Science and Forestry, Syracuse, NY
027 “Farming Alone”: An investigation of information flows and social networks among small-scale pork producers in upland forests Allison Braun
028 An evaluation of the LISC Safe Growth intervention in Rainbow De Colores Park in Philadelphia. Robert Stokes
DePaul University
029 Ethics in the Barnett Shale: Comparing Transparency Practices Among Operators Brittany Jandick
University of North Texas
030 Spatial Reproductions of Inequality in New Haven, CT James Eager
031 Common Elements in the Successful Management of Western Water Disputes Douglas Clark
University of Denver
032 Surface Soil Metal and Metalloid Contamination Within the Urban Environment of Atlanta, Georgia Lanier Henson
033 The Ten Across (10X) Project at Arizona State University Benjamin Stanley
Arizona State University
034 Traditional ecological knowledge of women in Yosemite Valley with respect to native plants Katie Wade
035 Soundscapes Laurel Golden
036 The Dakota Access Pipeline: Not Just Another Oil Pipeline George White
South Dakota State University
037 Spatial estimation and recycling method optimization of municipal household wastes by integrating multiple geographical big data and social survey Xiaoqian Liu
Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research
038 Applying a Framework for Subnational Sustainability Assessment in South Carolina, United States Elise Metzger
039 Creating Markets for Recyclable Materials: The Case of PeaceCycle in Haiti John Bodenman
Bloomsburg University
040 Site suitability analysis for a solar panel farm in Allegany County, MD Michala Garrison
041 A Sustainability Approach for Development: An Analysis of the Impact of Spatial and Non-spatial Factors on an Appalachian Watershed Pariya Pourmohammadi
042 Intersectional Sustainability: An activist framework to address social justice on university campuses Keara Hudler
Southwestern University
043 Rainwater Harvesting Suitability in Duluth, Minnesota Morgan Larson
044 Carbon Farming for Biosequestration: Perennial cropping systems sequester 1.6-10 times the carbon at 2-9 times the rates of annual and grazing systems Rafter Ferguson
Haverford College
045 Fitting Croatia Within the Doughnut Logan Richardson
Furman University
046 Hungry for scallops: Consolidation concerns in the federal sea scallop fishery Rob Banks
Salem State University
047 A Solar Farm in My Backyard? Resident Perceptions on Utility-Scale Solar in Eastern North Carolina Zachary Dickerson
048 Everything is Local, Everything is Global: How Social Concerns Intersect with Physical Suitability to Affect Alternative Energy Deployment Joyce Clapp
049 The Relationship between Wind Turbines and the Physical Environment in Oklahoma Chi Cheng Yip
Oklahoma State University
050 Dealing with Pollution on Campus: A Look at Plastic Bag Use at Hofstra University Lauren Morgan
051 Anthropological impact of Industrial Palm oil exploration on tropical rain forest deforestation in Central Africa HERVE KASHONGWE
Graduate Teaching Assistant South Dakota State University
052 Civil nuclear power industry in the Anthropocene: the past and projections for the future Olena Boiko
South Dakota State University
053 Sustainability: An Exploration of Green Building in Shanghai Taelor Malcolm
University of North Carolina - Charlotte
054 Policy innovation in the energy sector: exploring the role of intermediaries in European collective switching campaigns Silvia Blasi
University of Padua
055 Comprehensive assessment of the spatio-temporal occurrence of earthquakes and waste water injection for oil and gas industry Are there sustainable extraction limits in Oklahoma? Zhen Hong
University of Oklahoma
056 Fueling development: Understandings of the “social” in the Arctic energyscape Hanna Lempinen
Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki
057 The Future Potential of Seaweed as a Biofuel Justin Burton
058 Nevada Recycled Water: Public Perception of a “Fresh” New Potable Resource Samantha Redman
059 Deer in the suburbs: Identifying socio-ecological drivers of management Anne Short Gianotti
Boston University
060 Schooling, Expertise and Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) Emma Lord

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