W2_5 Geospatial Analysis

Type: Workshop
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Day: 4/11/2018
Start / End Time: 9:00 AM / 6:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Audubon, Marriott, 5th Floor
Organizers: The American Association of Geographers


To attend this workshop you must register in advance at the AAG on-site registration desk (Mardi Gras Ballroom, 3rd floor, Marriott).
W2_5 Geospatial Analysis
Organizer: Benoit Parmentier
Marco Millones, University of Maryland
University of Mary and Washington
The Geospatial Analysis workshop aims to introduce open source computing resources for geospatial and temporal analyses of socio-environmental (SE) issues. The workshop will consist of hands-on computer labs that teach new analytical methods and workflow skills through several example applications: land cover change following wildfire, environmental vulnerability to lead exposure, suitability analysis for conservation easements.
Participants can expect to learn about geospatial data processing steps, workflows, and spatial and temporal analyses of both raster (i.e. image) and vector (i.e. shape) datasets. Specific topics include plotting spatial data, raster algebra, cropping, and extraction against vector data, and geometric operations for intersecting or otherwise manipulating vector data. The workshop will emphasize coding data pipelines in R, using several contributed packages (e.g. sp, sf, raster).


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