Past Perspectives on River Environments 1: Flood Reconstructions in Locations Outside the U.S.

Type: Paper
Theme: Hazards, Geography, and GIScience
Sponsor Groups: Biogeography Specialty Group, Geomorphology Specialty Group, Paleoenvironmental Change Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/11/2018
Start / End Time: 8:00 AM / 9:40 AM
Room: Napoleon B2, Sheraton 3rd Floor
Organizers: Lisa Davis, Sally Horn
Chairs: Lisa Davis


Floods constitute one of the most globally pervasive and persistent natural hazards despite significant advances in meteorological and hydrological modeling and forecasting over the last 50 years. One issue that remains a barrier to flood prediction and the implementation of a flood resiliency framework for most locations is that instrumented river discharge records rarely span more than 100 years, and as a result, are not adequate for characterizing low frequency, extreme flow events. Recent events, such as Hurricane Harvey, highlight the critical need for longer records of floods, which only paleorecords can provide, to truly understand and assess risk associated with large flood events. This session aims to convene a broad community of researchers—geomorphologists, dendrochronologists, paleolimnologists, hydrologists, and others—working in different geographic locations using a variety of proxy methods to reconstruct fluvial processes and floods.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Robert Bean*, University of Texas - Austin, Megafloods and Megalakes on the Okavango Megafan in the Makgadikgadi-Okavango-Zambezi Basin, Botswana 20 8:00 AM
Presenter Jon-Paul Mccool*, , Flooding and Preagricultural Populations: Relation of Archaeological Sites to Fluvial Deposits 20 8:20 AM
Presenter Brian Lander*, , Reconstructing the Flood History of the Central Yangzi Basin 20 8:40 AM
Presenter Greta Wells*, University of Texas - Austin, Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach, University of Texas at Austin, Geomorphologic Evidence and Timeline Reconstruction of Jökulhlaups along the Hvítá River and Gullfoss, Iceland 20 9:00 AM
Presenter Erik Schiefer*, Northern Arizona University, Darrell Kaufman, Northern Arizona University, Nicholas McKay, Northern Arizona University, Michael Retelle, Bates College and University Centre in Svalbard, Al Werner, Mt Holyoke College, Steve Roof, Hampshire College, Fluvial suspended sediment yield over hours to millennia in the High Arctic at proglacial Lake Linnévatnet, Svalbard 20 9:20 AM

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