Emancipatory rural politics II: resisting, mobilizing and creating alternatives

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Cultural and Political Ecology Specialty Group, Rural Geography Specialty Group, Political Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/10/2018
Start / End Time: 4:40 PM / 6:20 PM (MDT)
Room: Grand Ballroom D, Sheraton, 5th Floor
Organizers: Amber Huff, Levi Van Sant
Chairs: Cheryl Morse


The current political conjuncture has given rise to new forms and manifestations of 'authoritarian populism' (Hall 1979, 1998) with wide-reaching implications (Scoones et al. 2017). In this session, we ask what alternative politics – and political-economic practices – also emerge at this conjuncture. What are ‘emancipatory’ possibilities or ‘alternative’ rural politics in practice in settings that may simultaneously seem to have been left behind by globalized capitalism, yet represent the new (last?) frontiers of enclosure, extraction and financialization? Informed by insights from political ecology, alongside other approaches and methods from critical social science and radical practice, presentations in this session explore relationships between historical and contemporary rural struggles, forms of resistance and mobilization, and practices of imagining and creating alternatives, encouraging a comparative conversation. How are new alliances being built between urban and rural movements, within and outside mainstream political formations? How and why do informal, unruly styles of politics intersect with or reject more formal organized movements and electoral and institutional politics? How have conflict and violence both closed down and opened up new spaces for the development of new forms of resistance, mobilization, and practices of imagining and creating emancipatory alternatives? How are power, class, the state, participation, citizenship, institutions and democracy conceptualized or contested? This session is part of the Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative (ERPI).

Hall, Stuart. 1979. "The great moving right show." Marxism Today 23 (1):14-20.
Hall, Stuart. 1998. "The great moving nowhere show." Marxism today 1 (1):9-14.
Scoones, Ian, Marc Edelman, Saturnino M Borras Jr, Ruth Hall, Wendy Wolford, and Ben White. 2017. "Emancipatory rural politics: confronting authoritarian populism." The Journal of Peasant Studies:1-20.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Introduction Levi Van Sant Georgia Southern University 12 4:40 PM
Presenter Sayoni Bose*, Governors State University, Authoritarian Populism and Collective Memory as Emancipatory Politics of Resistance around Land Acquisition in West Bengal 17 4:52 PM
Presenter Eloisa Berman-Arevalo*, , Story-ing territory . The politics of black women’s storytelling in spaces of oil palm expansion in Colombia 17 5:09 PM
Presenter Sara Black*, University of Georgia, "Farms, Not Prisons:" land, struggle, and solidarity in New York State 17 5:26 PM
Presenter Loka Ashwood*, Auburn University, The Anti-State and Stateless Interplay: Rural Protest Against Industrial Agriculture 17 5:43 PM
Discussant Ian Scoones STEPS Centre/IDS 20 6:00 PM

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