After Suburbanism: Research Perspectives on the Global Urban Periphery 1

Type: Paper
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Day: 4/10/2018
Start / End Time: 8:00 AM / 9:40 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Studio 8, Marriott, 2nd Floor
Organizers: Roger Keil
Chairs: Roger Keil


Suburbanization is a form of extended urbanization. The suburbs are not a steady state. They are not built for eternity. Suburbanisms, in the sense of suburban ways of life are changing. The panels under this heading explore the ways in which suburbanization shifts shape from a process of original production of peripheral urban spaces to new iterations of sub/urbanity. Whether the trajectory is the increased formalization of what Teresa Caldeira has called peripheral urbanization or the increased informalization of state built massive housing projects on the margins of state managed cities, whether it is the urbanization of classic automobile subdivisions or the crisis of the impoverished and racialized inner suburbs: suburbia is on the move and needs our attention. Papers in this string of panels will look at this movement through the lenses of governance, land, infrastructure and comparative suburbanism. We invite case studies, theoretical and methodological interventions and comparative work. Papers open up new perspectives towards understanding a dominant sub/urban geography at the global periphery.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Eric Charmes*, UMR EVS-RIVES, University of Lyon (ENTPE), From the Red Belt to the Brown Belt? About the declining political relevance of the city/suburbs division in France. 20 8:00 AM
Presenter Nicholas Phelps*, , On the importance of zombie categories in the study of (sub)urbanisation 20 8:20 AM
Presenter Tian Miao*, University of Glasgow, The trials of technoburbia: affordability and the employment-residential balance in China’s high suburbs 20 8:40 AM
Presenter Roza Tchoukaleyska*, , Stasis and change: re-imagining French high-rise neighbourhoods 20 9:00 AM
Presenter Cara Chellew*, York University, Tragedy of the Suburbs: The politics of pedestrian mobility in Toronto’s inner suburbs 20 9:20 AM

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