Author Meets Critics - Gary Fields' Enclosure

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Political Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/13/2018
Start / End Time: 10:00 AM / 11:40 AM (MDT)
Room: Grand Ballroom D, Astor, 2nd Floor
Organizers: Reece Jones
Chairs: Reece Jones


Gary Fields' Enclosure marshals bold new arguments about the nature of the conflict in Israel/Palestine. The book examines the dispossession of Palestinians from their land—and Israel’s rationale for seizing control of Palestinian land—in the contexts of a broad historical analysis of power and space and of an enduring discourse about land improvement. Focusing on the English enclosures (which eradicated access to common land across the English countryside), Amerindian dispossession in colonial America, and Palestinian land loss, Fields shows how exclusionary landscapes have emerged across time and geography. Evidence that the same moral, legal, and cartographic arguments were used by enclosers of land in very different historical environments challenges Israel’s current claim that it is uniquely beleaguered. This comparative framework also helps readers in the United States and the United Kingdom understand the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in the context of their own histories.


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Lisa Bhungalia Kent State University 10
Panelist Linda Quiquivix 10
Panelist Sara Hughes University of California - Los Angeles 10
Panelist Rassem Khamaisi University of Haifa 10
Panelist Nadia Abu-Zahra University of Ottawa 10
Panelist Gary Fields University of California - San Diego 10

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