Spaces of Struggle 5: AAG sessions on radical planning

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups:
Poster #:
Day: 4/10/2018
Start / End Time: 4:40 PM / 6:20 PM (MDT)
Room: Grand Couteau, Sheraton, 5th Floor
Organizers: Sarah Gelbard, Carla Kayanan
Chairs: Carla Kayanan


Our cities are built on inequitable and unsustainable policies, the result of capitalist, patriarchal, and colonial planning values and power relations literally and figuratively cast in concrete. Meaningful resistance demands that we acknowledge and radically rethink the multiple embedded injustices and complicity of planning. As a practicing profession with power to shape and control space, planning cannot suffer from an anti-intellectualism that prioritizes pragmatism and efficiency over ethics and epistemology. Planning needs theory that reflects on the past and projects into the future. This means critically evaluating and reacting against accepted practices of urban development and looking forward to collectively negotiate new agendas.

The four AAG paper sessions on Radical Planning brings together planners of different stripes to radically rethink theoretical and practical positions of the planning profession along the following four themes:

Spaces of Struggle 1: Dismantling the Urban Decline Machine
Spaces of Struggle 2: Feminist legacies and new frameworks in planning
Spaces of Struggle 3: Geography of Urban Planning Failure
Spaces of Struggle 4: Settler-Colonial Governance & The Ordering of Indigenous Lands

This concluding panel invites the co-organizers of the four Spaces of Struggle sessions, participants, and other radical urban scholars to discuss these questions and struggles. Our hope is to build a substantial conversation with the many planners who have migrated to geography, with the geographers affiliated with planning, and all those in-between.

These sessions are part of ongoing discussions on radical planning. The first two mini-conferences were hosted prior to the ACSP annual meetings in Portland, Oregon in 2016 and Denver, Colorado in 2017. For more information go to


Type Details Minutes
Introduction Carla Kayanan University of Michigan 16
Panelist Anna Brand University of New Orleans 12
Panelist Sarah Gelbard McGill University School of Urban Planning 12
Panelist Kian Goh UCLA 12
Panelist Michael Koscielniak University of Michigan 12
Panelist John Lauermann City University of New York 12
Discussant Libby Porter 12
Discussant AbdouMaliq Simone 12

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