GI Science Education: Advancements in Teaching Spatial Databases

Type: Paper
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Day: 4/10/2018
Start / End Time: 4:40 PM / 6:20 PM (MDT)
Room: Studio 3, Marriott, 2nd Floor
Organizers: An-Min Wu, Jennifer Swift, Geri Miller
Chairs: An-Min Wu


Spatial database design and implementation are one of the key factors in any Geographic Information (GI) project success. Spatial database programs and their functionalities are rapidly evolving as spatial data computation becomes more integrated into cloud commuting environments and cyberinfrastructure. Traditional theories relating to database structure and queries are also challenged in these dynamic environments. All of this momentum makes teaching spatial databases to graduates and undergraduates critical, as our students are in dire need of skills that allow them to adapt quickly to transitions in spatial database technologies. How do we effectively teach our students to be GIS professionals with today’s requisite knowledge and skills in spatial database management and operations? What are the most important topics in spatial database systems to be covered and what software and platforms (desktop, cloud, cyberGIS) should be taught? Are there transition strategies to effectively handle spatial database software versioning? In this session, we aim to provide a space for information and knowledge exchange about spatial database curriculum development for teaching in this domain. We welcome presentations related to your professional, research and teaching experiences. This may include, but is not limited to, the following topics:
• What does the term “enterprise” means today with respect to spatial databases
• How to transition DBMS experiences from the familiar Desktop to Cloud or High Performance Computing environments that are used in industry
• Current trends in open-source and/or proprietary database management systems
• Connectivity between spatial DBMS (e.g. ArcGIS Pro, SQL Server, Postgres etc.)
• SQL or NoSQL, and how this relates to what should be taught about spatial databases
• Teaching resources for spatial database management
• Effective course design for teaching online about spatial databases


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Introduction An-Min Wu University of Southern California 6 4:40 PM
Presenter Canserina Kurnia*, Esri, Spatial Databases: What and how do we teach? 20 4:46 PM
Presenter An-Min Wu*, University of Southern California, Jennifer Swift, University of Southern California, Approaches to today’s spatial database education challenges 20 5:06 PM
Discussant Karen Kemp University of Southern California 12 5:26 PM
Discussant Qunying Huang University of Wisconsin - Madison 12 5:38 PM

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