Sustainable Urbanization - Challenges and Opportunities (III): Urban Ecosystem

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: China Specialty Group, Geographic Information Science and Systems Specialty Group, Urban Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/14/2018
Start / End Time: 2:00 PM / 3:40 PM
Room: Studio 2, Marriott, 2nd Floor
Organizers: Yuyu Zhou, Bailang Yu, Wenze Yue
Chairs: Wenze Yue


In the past several decades, the world has experienced fast urbanization, and this trend is expected to continue for decades to come. Urbanization modifies the Earth’s terrestrial surface, and therefore, has profound impacts on agricultural practices, energy balance, and hydrology from local to regional and even global scales and causes associated environmental problems. Urbanization will pose challenges for environmental sustainability with growing water, energy, and food demands. There is a growing need, from both the science and policy making communities, for science-based information and knowledge on urbanization and its environmental impacts from local to global scales. Improved understanding of urbanization can help us develop better practices in land use planning and management for sustainable urban development.

This session invites presentations focusing on challenges and opportunities in sustainable urbanization. Potential topics can include urbanization mapping and modeling, urban water and energy use, urban emissions, urban health, urban water-energy- food nexus, urban climate, urban ecosystem services, urban disaster assessment and management, sustainable urban planning, and applications of remote sensing and GIS in urban studies. We encourage studies that will advance our understanding of sustainable urban development. We would like to welcome any papers that showcase recent advances and original contributions in such topics.

Submission Procedure: The official abstract submission deadline for AAG is October 25, 2017. You will submit your participation/registration fee and abstracts online through AAG's website ( We would appreciate it if you can send us the abstract at your earliest time, and send your PIN.

Interested contributors should submit their abstract and PIN to either of the co-organizers:

Yuyu Zhou:
Bailang Yu:
Wenze Yue:


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Xuecao Li*, Iowa State University, Yuyu Zhou, Iowa State University, Ghassem R Asrar, Joint Global Change Research Institute of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Lin Meng, Iowa State University, Characterizing spatiotemporal dynamics in phenology of urban ecosystems based on Landsat data 20 2:00 PM
Presenter Jiabin Gao*, Zhejiang University, Estimation of Urban Green Spaces Accessibility Using Time Consuming Data from Web Map Service: A Case Study in Shanghai 20 2:20 PM
Presenter Felix Haifeng Liao*, University of Idaho, Michail Fragkias, Boise State University, Li Huang, University of Idaho, Danelle Larson, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Urban ecosystem services research: a spatially- explicit bibliometric analysis 20 2:40 PM
Presenter Kai Fang, 13738110152, Anqi Xu*, Zhejiang University, Qifeng Zhang, 13250817595, Assessing China’s environmental sustainability in connection with the Sustainable Development Goals and planetary boundaries 20 3:00 PM
Presenter Siyuan Wu*, , Bailang Yu, Key Laboratory of Geographic Information Science (Ministry of Education), East China Normal University, Automatic and Refined Building Rooftop Extraction from Digital Surface Models 20 3:20 PM

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