The body, political violence and the colonial present 1

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Socialist and Critical Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/12/2018
Start / End Time: 1:20 PM / 3:00 PM
Room: Iris, Sheraton, 8th Floor
Organizers: Mark Griffiths, Mikko Joronen
Chairs: Mark Griffiths


This session is focused on the body and political violence in the context of contemporary colonialism.The papers consider the array of embodiments, both negative and affirmative, that have been mobilised at principal sites of the colonial present, in Palestinian oppression and resistance (Griffiths 2017; Joronen 2017), and in the broader anxieties experienced over the practices of the postcolonial state (Comaroff & Comaroff 2005; Daigle 2016). The session aims to contribute i) to knowledge of the varying ways of governing the colonial body, and how these range from extreme physical violence and humiliation to a prolonged waiting in the precarious conditions of colonial subjugation; and b) to knowledge of new forms of solidarity, countervisibility, and anticolonial activism that resists embodied colonial techniques of targeting, framing and othering (Fattah & Fierke 2009).


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Wassim Ghantous*, University of Gothenburg, School of Global Studies, Palestinian experiences of security assemblages and geographies of incarceration in the “privatized” checkpoint 20 1:20 PM
Presenter Mark Griffiths*, Northumbria University, Jemima Repo*, Newcastle University, Disciplinary affect, biopolitics and subject-making at Checkpoint 300 20 1:40 PM
Presenter Mikko Joronen*, University of Tampere, Governmentalising colonial violence: tracing the spatial politics of administrative zonings in Palestine 20 2:00 PM
Presenter Ron Smith*, Bucknell University, Sovereignty, Development, and Health: The impacts of de-development on the health of the individual, community, and the body politic 20 2:20 PM
Presenter Merav Amir*, Queen's University, The Colonial Future: The Spatial Construction of Futurelessness in Israel/Palestine 20 2:40 PM

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