Urban Cultural Studies

Type: Interactive Short Paper
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Day: 4/11/2018
Start / End Time: 1:20 PM / 3:00 PM
Room: Jackson, Marriott, 5th Floor
Organizers: Stephen Vilaseca
Chairs: Stephen Vilaseca


The AAG session on Urban Cultural Studies takes an interdisciplinary approach to the culture(s) of cities.

In recent years, cities have been increasingly at the forefront of debate in both humanities and social science disciplines, but there has been relatively little real dialogue across these disciplinary boundaries. On the one hand, social science fields that use urban studies methods to look at life in cities rarely explore the cultural aspects of urban life in any depth or delve into close-readings of the representation of cities in individual novels, music albums/songs, graphic novels, films, videogames, online ‘virtual’ spaces, or other artistic and cultural products. On the other hand, while there is increasing discussion of urban topics and themes in the humanities, broadly considered, there are very few venues that are open to these new interdisciplinary directions of scholarship. Driven by a methodology that links urban geography and cultural studies work, this session features applied and theoretical papers focusing on urban spaces the world over.

Abstracts address both an individual city itself and also its cultural representation. The session foregrounds studies that achieve some balance between discussing an individual (or multiple) cultural/artistic product(s) in depth and also using one of many social-science (geographical, anthropological, sociological…) urban approaches to investigate a given city. Specific topics vary, but emphasis is placed on geo-humanities approaches and representational/spatial practices. This session is also linked to the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies (http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/journals/view-Journal,id=225/) and its accompanying blog at urbanculturalstudies.wordpress.com.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Benjamin Fraser*, University of Arizona - Spanish and Portuguese - Tucson, AZ, Comics Architecture, Urban Space and the Tactile City 5 1:20 PM
Presenter Stephen Vilaseca*, Northern Illinois University, Rereading the Zombie in Cabanyal Z to Better Understand Urban Transformation 5 1:25 PM
Presenter Jason Luger*, University of California - Berkeley, New South, ‘New Athens?’ angels, mobility and myths 5 1:30 PM
Presenter Briana Meier*, University of Oregon, Do stones talk in an artificial universe? Examining Vine Deloria's agency of place in built environments 5 1:35 PM
Presenter Steven Spalding*, United States Naval Academy, Mobilities, Supermodernity, and Apocalypse: Revisiting Druillet’s Psychedelic Cityscapes 5 1:40 PM
Presenter Jasmine Mahmoud*, Washington University in St. Louis, Towards an aesthetic urban ethnography: SIQ as decolonial Latinx theater practice in post-collapse Chicago 5 1:45 PM
Presenter Sarah Gelbard*, McGill University, ‘Parking Lot Citys an Ugly Place’ Punk Inverted Images of Capital City 5 1:50 PM
Presenter Martin Lund*, , Redrawing the New York–Comics Relationship 5 1:55 PM
Presenter Araceli Masterson-Algar*, , Reflections on the urban and literature: Autran Dourado’s Uma vida em segredo (1964) 5 2:00 PM
Presenter Magali Chatelain*, Lyon 2 & Grenoble-Alpes Universities, France, The Lyon Biennial Dance Festival (France): a showcase of the city’s cultural ambitions 5 2:05 PM

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