Imagined Space & Species A starting point: How Emergence of Artificial General Intelligence Challenge Anthropocentric Claims to Space, Place, and Person

Authors: Nicole Mayberry*,
Topics: Geographic Theory, Anthropocene, Human Rights
Keywords: Artificial General Intelligence, Just & Unjust Geographies, The Anthropocene, Violence, Imagined Space
Session Type: Paper
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The planet is assumed to be shaped and made by humans. Humans are therefore both place maker and subject. Control and authority over place are assumed as sole right and responsibility by humans, to be non-human is to be object; non-humans are objects to be controlled by subjects. The emerging innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and imagined Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology demand inspection. Specifically, as we encounter new intelligence, new species, and new spaces how do classical anthropocentric assumptions of power and control come into question? Furthermore, what will the role of violence look like in these imagined spaces?

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