Measuring Spatiotemporal Access to Emergency Medical Services using Open Data and Map Services

Authors: Weicong Luo*, University of Glasgow, Jing Yao, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
Topics: China
Keywords: Spatiotemporal access; EMS; Open data; Map services
Session Type: Lightning Paper
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Access has long been recognized as a critical factor influencing public healthcare utilization and thus general wellbeing. Among various aspects of access, geographic access has been widely studied and a range of quantitative measures have been proposed, such as travel distance/time and gravity-based models. Beyond space, the temporal dimension is a fundamental concern particularly in emergency medical services (EMS), where the relevant work yet remains very limited. Nowadays, the increasingly available open data and map services provides a new opportunity to understand spatiotemporal access to EMS. The aim of this paper is, using open data and map service, to explore spatiotemporal access to the EMS in Wuhan, China. The results can have important policy implications to future healthcare resource planning and management.

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