“3D” China tourism appreciation analysis & exploration" (I)

Authors: Ningxi Zhao*, Nanjing University (NJU)
Topics: China, Geography Education, Cultural Geography
Keywords: MOOC ,"3D" China (China of three dimensional ) ,Nature3D, Humanity3D, Harmony3D, tourism appreciation and exploration analysis
Session Type: Poster
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The China's MOOC:“3D” China tourism appreciation analysis & exploration will guide you through China's rich culture and history with its unique "3D" perspectives. It includes three dimensions: Nature, Humanity and Harmony. From the two perspective of time and space, let's appreciate, share, analyze and explore the magic of 3D tourism in China. On Earth's surface, there exists a magical and unique "3D" region - China. The term "3D" is generated  from three separate aspects: Nature: China spans 5,000 kilometers long and wide in horizontally,5,000 meters altitude difference in vertically . It has a natural on the real display of three dimensional space .Hardly any other country in the world has natural geography that forms such a unique complexity and  beautiful environment. Humanity: China's ancient history, including its modern and future human development, dates back 5000 years. It is one of the oldest and most continuous civilizations on earth. Harmony : Nature, history, and culture exist in harmony to form this diverse nation. China gives birth to 56 unique ethnic groups, which continue to thrive in the modern population. Tourism in China has always involved the civilization's development and modernization throughout its rich history. This requires an understanding and appreciation of the physical beauty and history that is central to Chinese culture. We will strive to keep up with the pace of humanity's exploration of China by generating an in-depth interpretation of Chinese tourism and its contribution to understanding this dynamic civilizati.

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