Critical geographies of disability, care and home

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Disability Specialty Group, Specialty Group Highlighted Session
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Day: 4/6/2019
Start / End Time: 9:55 AM / 11:35 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Maryland A, Marriott, Lobby Level
Organizers: Laura Crawford
Chairs: Laura Crawford


This session brings together scholars researching ‘home’ and ‘care’ spaces for disabled people. We invite papers to consider how home and care can be understood in the context of broader societal norms and national policies, since ‘social policy both emanates from and continually remakes the spaces or constraints that directly influence disabled people’s life opportunities’ (Hollomtoz and Roulstone, 2014). Taking inspiration from Milligan & Wiles (2010) this session will explore the many ‘landscapes of care’, explicitly seeking to draw attention to the experiences of those being cared for or ‘co-producing’ care (Realpe and Wallace, 2010). We seek to gain a deeper understanding of the structures and processes which shape everyday life for disabled people who receive care at home, externally or in a ‘residential home’. Furthermore, we invite scholars to challenge the conceptualisation of ‘home’ and ‘care’ spaces. Analysing meanings of ‘care’ alongside ‘home’ will provide an opportunity to debate the fundamental principles which underpin these terms. In doing so, we can question the compatibility of the two and develop a deeper understanding of lived experiences of care and home, and how these are meshed with emotions and power relations. We therefore invite papers which explore how ideas of care and the home are framed by policies which impact who cares, how care is performed and delivered, and whether care is produced at home, in the community or in residential settings.

This session welcomes papers engaging with the following:

‘Landscapes of care’
Creating home in residential care settings
Voluntary caregiving
The co-production of care
The emotional geographies of care and the home
Care and austerity
Accessible homes


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Available at:

Realpe, A.& Wallace L., 2010. What is co-production? The Health Foundation, London. Available at:


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Mariela Gaete Reyes*, Universidad De Chile, Disability and social housing in Chile: The co-production of care, (accessible) spaces and the home 20 9:55 AM
Presenter Sara Loftus*, West Virginia University, Digital ethnography of virtual spaces for mothers of children with disabilities. 20 10:15 AM
Presenter Laura Crawford*, Loughborough University, There’s no place like a Cheshire Home: lived experiences of disability, care and the home 20 10:35 AM
Presenter Nari Kim*, University of Delaware, Discourse in ‘later life care’: disability within regulated and changeable political economic structures 20 10:55 AM
Presenter Angharad Butler-Rees*, University of Southampton, Resilience, Community Building and Spaces of Mutual Care within the UK Disability Activist Community 20 11:15 AM

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