Rural Geography Specialty Group Poster Session

Type: Poster
Sponsor Groups: Rural Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/5/2019
Start / End Time: 1:10 PM / 2:50 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Lincoln 2, Marriott, Exhibition Level
Organizers: Christopher Laingen


The Rural Geography Special Group (RGSG) promotes research and education related to agriculture, rural development, and rural land use. This poster session is open to anyone (student, faculty, professional, etc.) whose poster is focused on a topic germane to rural geography. The large Poster Hall at the DC AAG will be divided into several Specialty-Group themed poster sessions that will occur simultaneously during one of the large poster sessions (Day/Time TBD). RGSG Chair, Chris Laingen, will be the organizer of this for our group. If you'd like to participate, register for the meeting and submit your abstract as you would normally. The only additional step is that you need to reach out to ME ( to ensure you're included in the RGSG-themed session. A simple email with a copy of your abstract/PIN number will suffice.


ID Title Participant
001 Thematic Categories for U.S. Place Names Lisa Harrington
Kansas State University
002 Identifying Food Deserts in Rural North Dakota: A GIS-Based Analysis of Food Accessibility Phoebe Eichhorst
University of North Dakota
003 1. Resource Communities and Community Benefit Agreements: Securing Long-Term Benefits From Short-Term Extractive Projects Jackson Rose
Montana State University
004 Hydrosocial Flow: Climate change and community relations in Chile’s mining regions Scott Odell
Clark University
005 Class Discourses of the Gentrified Countryside Marco Van Gemeren
Middlebury College
006 Rural revitalization and land use strategy under rapid urbanization in China Yansui Liu
College of Resources Science & Technology, Beijing Normal University
007 Sustainable and Equitable Development of Non-Timber Forest Products: Challenges and Opportunities for Ontario in a Changing Climate Bryce Gunson
Wilfrid Laurier University
008 Tornado Alley verses Dixie Alley: An Investigation into the Imbalance of Tornado Fatalities and Injuries between Regions Zebulon Wallace
Minot State University
009 Conservation Farming in the U.S. Corn Belt: Farmer Perceptions of Soil Health and the Adoption of Cover Crops Lillian Cobo
Northern Illinois University
010 The New Face of Agriculture in Southern California: Farmer Adaptation to Climate Change Segnide Guidimadjegbe
011 Using Spatio-Temporal Analyses to Investigate Crop Migration and Change in the North Central US Lee Ebinger
012 Scenarios of fruit and vegetable demand vs. agricultural production capacity in Idaho, USA: The links between community well-being and small farming Felix Haifeng Liao
Dr. University of Idaho
013 Framing Rural Food and Water Insecurity, Development and Crisis in Nicaragua: A Discourse Analysis Erica Martinez
Santa Clara University
014 Preliminary Findings of Potential Increased Flood Risk near Aging Dams in Kansas, USA Christy Jean
Kansas State University
015 Analysis of Wood Charcoal from Brookgreen Rice Plantation Steven Luse
Coastal Carolina University
016 Gender and Environmental Governance: Exploring the Impacts of Neoliberal Policies in Smallholder Rice Farming Akemi Inamoto
Syracuse University
017 A Community-Based Assessment of Diversification Strategies and Dietary Diversity with Smallholder Coffee Cooperatives and Farmers in Nicaragua Vanessa Shin
018 Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration System Definition and Impacts Basnewende Zoungrana
Mr South Dakota State University, Department of Geography
019 Communication pathways for climate resiliency in the Guatemalan coffee sector Dylan Rigsby
University of Florida
020 Maize persistence and cattle decline in Guatemalan household livelihoods from 2000 to 2014: evidence from three time points of nationally representative data (LSMS/ENCOVI) Corbin Hodges
University of California, Santa Barbara
021 The Internal Colonialism of Appalachian Absentee Land-Holdings: A Critical Analysis of the Appalachian Regional Commission Annelise Straw
American University
022 Analyzing the Impact of Wind Turbines on Crop Condition in Story County, Iowa Using Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery Jacob Abramowitz
023 Water Resource Challenges for Southern West Virginia: Case study of water inequity in rural Appalachian communities Francesca Mundrick
University of Pennsylvania
024 Exploring rural resilience pathways for transitioning coal communities in the U.S. West Kelli Roemer
Ph.D. Student Montana State University
025 The Application of Field Sampling and Imaging Spectroscopy to Detect Lead Contamination in Soil Everett Spackman
California State Polytechnic University
026 Determining the season of operability and maturity of timber stands in Northeastern Minnesota. Kalen Johnson
027 Scale Matters: Relating Wetland Loss and Commercial Fishing Activity in Louisiana Across Spatial Scales Amy Freitag
Duke University

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