Eurasian Environments Poster Competition

Type: Poster
Sponsor Groups: Eurasian Specialty Group, Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, Taylor and Francis Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/5/2019
Start / End Time: 9:55 AM / 11:35 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Lincoln 2, Marriott, Exhibition Level
Organizers: Nathaniel Trumbull, Edward Holland

Call for Submissions

Poster topics may include environment, social, cultural, or GIS studies or analyses.


This poster competition will award $1000 in prize money. Competition details will be posted soon.

The Eurasian Environment poster session includes a wide range of spatial or environment-related topics related to any geographic location or region of Eurasia.


ID Title Participant
023 “3D” China tourism appreciation analysis & exploration" (I) Ningxi Zhao
Nanjing University (NJU)
024 “Italian Mountain Lab” an opportunity to communicate the experience tourism Carla Ferrario
Università del piemonte Orientale
025 Revealing the 2D scale-location specific variations of soil properties in the coal mining area of Changhe watershed, China Jason Yang
Ball State University
026 Trends and controls of gross primary productivity of China during 2000-2016 Jun Ma
Fudan University
027 The Role of Human Activity in Decreasing Ecologically Sound Land Use in China Wang Jing
Wuhan University
028 Tourism Livelihood in Ethnic Rural Communities: The Case of China ZHE WANG
029 Trajectory Understanding and Spatial-temporal Profile Learning Based on Mobile Crowdsourced Data CHIH-YUAN CHEN
Department of Geography, Chinese Culture University
030 Temporal analysis on quantitative attribution of karst soil erosion: A case study of a peak-cluster depression basin in Southwest China Huan Wang
031 The Demographic Impact of the 2008 Recession - A European Perspective Jochen Wirsing
032 The Development of Housing Security System in China Jian Jin
033 The Impacts of Globalization on City Environments in Developing Countries: A Case Study of 21 Cities in Guangdong Province, China Jiangmin Yang
034 The influence of Beijing city parks on residents' physical activitives Jingxue Xu
035 Spatial Changes of a danwei‖ Compound in Beijing - A Perspective on Property Rights Teng Zhang
036 Spatial characteristics of demand and supply of elderly care institution in Shanghai Shan SONG
Nagoya University
037 Spatial dynamics of the agricultural product trade network in the Belt and Road: A social network approach, 2005–2016 Jiaqi Xu
East China Normal University
038 Sustainability evaluation of China's marine eco-economic system based on emergy analysis Wei Hu
039 The Prospects of Sustainable Migration Policy: Is Sweden Still the Perfect Place? Alexis Mulkey
University of Texas at Austin
040 Seeing Sapa: Views of a Prague Marketplace in the Post-Socialist Cityscape Ezra Rawitsch
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
041 Soviet America: A Case Study of Migrants from Former Soviet Socialist Republics in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area Polina Prokof'yeva
Concord University
042 Municipal Policies and Programs for Sustainable Development in Russian Arctic Cities: Magadan Maria Monakhova
University of Northern Iowa
043 Municipal Policies and Programs for Sustainable Development in Russian Arctic Cities: Murmansk Natalia Khortseva
University of Northern Iowa
044 Integrating Drone, Participatory Mapping and GIS for Enhancing Resilience in Remote Communities Qiuxi Li
University of Delawareware
045 Investigation and countermeasures of China’s middle school disaster reduction education Jing'ai Wang
046 Land Cover Classification in the Dianchi Watershed, China: A Preliminary Study Xiaojun Yang
Florida State University
047 Informal Residential Occupation in the Historic Center of Bucharest Jasmine Arpagian
San Diego State University
048 Localized Spatiotemporal Relationship Between Industrial Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth: A Case Study of China Wencong Cui
Texas A&M University
049 Connectivity of multi-mode intercity passenger transportation in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, China Caicheng Niu
East China Normal University
050 Cooperation and Rivalry Among the Arctic Countries: An Example of the Oil Industry Petr Grin
University of Northern Iowa
051 China's Export Evolution in Global Product Spatial Network from 2000 to 2011 Shan Li
052 Applying non-linear interpolation methods at a Lithuanian Holocaust mass burial site Wil Blouin
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
053 Blue Sky Olympics: Satellite Observations of Emissions Control During the 2008 Beijing Olympics Lincoln Butcher

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