Cultural and Political Ecology Specialty Group Poster Session

Type: Poster
Sponsor Groups: Cultural and Political Ecology Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/6/2019
Start / End Time: 8:00 AM / 9:40 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Lincoln 2, Marriott, Exhibition Level
Organizers: Stepha Velednitsky

Call for Submissions

We encourage poster submissions on any topic in cultural and political ecology, including but not limited to:

Agriculture and Agricultural Development
Cartography and Mapping
Climate Change Drivers, Mitigation and Adaptation
Ecosystem Services
Energy Production and Use
Environmental Activism
Environmental Change and Degradation
Environmental Discourse and Ethics
Environmental History
Environmental Justice and Racism
Environmental Management
Environmental Policy and Governance
Gender and the Environment
Globalization and Free Trade Systems
Green Consumerism and Lifestyles
Hazards and Disaster Research
Historical Ecology
Human and Environmental Health
Human and Community Livelihood
Indigenous and Participatory Mapping
Land Use, Land Cover, Land Change
Land Tenure and Common Property
Nature Preserves and Protected Areas
Neoliberalism and/of the Environment
Non-Governmental Organizations
Pastoral Communities and Landscapes
Political Economy of Resource Use
Protected Areas
Privatization of Nature
Race, Ethnicity and the Environment
Pollution Impacts and Remediation
State-Market Relations
Sustainability, Vulnerability and Resilience
Third World Development
Urban Ecology and Metabolism
Water Use and Management
Wildlife Conservation

Contact info for organizer: Stepha,


The Cultural and Political Ecology (CAPE) Specialty Group's mission is to promote scholarly activities integrating the cultural, political, economic and biophysical dimensions of resource use and environmental change, focusing on these issues and their linkages at and across multiple spatial and temporal scales.


ID Title Participant
049 Mapping Green Philanthropy and Sustainable Development: A Case Study of the Ford Foundation, 1952-2004 Rong Bao
University of Richmond
050 How Views of “Dubious” Science Affect Public Perception of Floodplain Management along the Yellowstone River, Montana, USA Jamie McEvoy
Montana State University
051 Using participatory mapping in gender and development research: Presenting counterhegemonic possibilities Maria Elisa Christie
Director, Women and Gender in International Development Virginia Tech
052 Political Ecology of SDGs Daanish Mustafa
Lecturer King's College, London
053 An Exploration of the Effects of Waste-to-Energy Incineration on the Environment and Public Health in Tampa, Florida Robin Rives
University of South Florida
054 Flood and flux: NFIP policy effects on coastal communities Mary Hartford
University of Connecticut
055 Back to Nature: Military Veterans, Nature-Based Therapy, and Public Lands David Havlick
University of Colorado - Colorado Springs, CO
056 Cross-Generational Mobilization: Land Rights, Intersectionality and Social Movements in Paraguay Jamie Gagliano
Syracuse University
057 Conduit to Tribal and Environmental Justice? Treaties, Fishing, and Infrastructure Mike Pease
Central Washington University
058 Social Networking of Michigan's Farm to School Program Brittany Jones
Growing Back to Your Roots
059 Geographies of gender and agriculture in north-central Liberia Rebecca Witinok-Huber
University of Idaho
060 Community Solar and Distributional Justice Monica Stack
061 Critical Perspectives on Water Development in Palestine Sloane Palmer
062 Mine Adits, Bierkellers, and the Qanats of Bavaria-Bohemia Dale Lightfoot
Oklahoma State University
063 Evaluating energy infrastructure land use in the Delaware River Basin Caitlin Lucas
Wetland Studies and Solutions Inc.
064 Understanding Small Town Sprawl Using GIS Priscilla Lema
University of North Alabama
065 Migration and Meatpacking: Story-mapping the relationship between Big Meat, Migrants and Federal Enforcement Martin Aucoin
West Virginia University
066 Water policy and value in the US Republican River basin Jean Eichhorst
University of Kansas
067 Rural Depopulation and Land Use/Land Cover Change in Western Spain Alex Blanco-Castano

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