Asian Symposium: Urban Inequality II

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Urban Geography Specialty Group, Economic Geography Specialty Group, China Specialty Group, Asian Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/4/2019
Start / End Time: 9:55 AM / 11:35 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Senate Room, Omni, West
Organizers: Yehua Dennis Wei, Jan Nijman
Chairs: Sebastien Breau


This special session provides comparative perspectives on urban inequality trends in different world regions. It examines patterns, structures, and dynamics of socio-economic and spatial inequalities in urban context. The premise is that inequality in cities has critical spatial dimensions: inequality is at once conditioned by and expressed in spatial context. This special session will examine spatial and temporal dimensions of socio-economic inequality, analyze the significance of urban context for inequality, and provide insights for urban planners and administrators to balance efficiency, equity and environment. We welcome articles that address questions such as the following:
• What is the nature of inequality trends in the city/cities in question? What are the temporal/spatial dynamics?
• What is the explanation for these inequality trends and, specifically, how do they relate to (a) urbanization trends, (b) the urban political economy of these cities, and (c) local/national urban policies?
• How is urban inequality manifested in residential segregation, spatial mismatch, housing inequality, digital divide, environmental injustice, and in general spatial inequality?
• What are the theoretical and policy implications of the research?
Submission Procedure: Please submit your participation/registration fee and abstracts online through the AAG's website ( Regular registration ends by November 8, 2018. We’d like to receive your PIN and abstract by October 15. Emails:;


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter C. Cindy Fan*, UCLA, Tianjiao Li, UCLA, Second Homes in Urban China: Analysis of the 2015 China Household Finance Survey 20 9:55 AM
Presenter Han Li*, Department of Geography and Regional Studies, University of Miami, Yehua Dennis Wei , Department of Geography, University of Utah, Analyzing Housing Price Changes since the Financial Crisis: How Does Geography Matter? 20 10:15 AM
Presenter Abigail Cooke*, University at Buffalo, Jessie P.H. Poon, University at Buffalo-SUNY, Are Rust Belt cities left behind? 20 10:35 AM
Presenter Shaojian Wang*, Sun Yat-sen University, Inequalities in carbon intensity in China: a multi-scalar and multi-mechanism analysis 20 10:55 AM
Presenter Mark Boyle*, University of Liverpool, Humans need not apply? On the relationship between artificial intelligence and inclusive growth 20 11:15 AM

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