9. Population Specialty Group: Internal migration

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Population Specialty Group
Organizers: Dylan Connor
Chairs: Dylan Connor



Type Details Minutes
Presenter Ayan Meer*, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, From Punjab to Pontinia: Agricultural Labor Migration and Territorial Development 20
Presenter Leiwen Jiang*, Population Council and Shanghai University, Zhen Liu, Brown University, Martin Bell, The University of Queensland, Deborah Balk, City University of New York, Brian O'Neill, Denver University, Mark Montgomery, Population Council, Internal Migration along Urban Transition -Searching for Relational Patterns between Rural-Urban Migration and Urbanization 20
Presenter Samaneh Khaef*, , The role of education in the initial sorting of immigrants – the case of Sweden. 20
Presenter Enru Wang*, University of North Dakota, Wei Yu, Qufu Normal University , Scale Farming and Settlement Intention of Rural Migrants in China 20
Presenter Kelly Anderson*, University of Maryland - College Park, Linking Climate Drivers and Urban Outcomes of Migration: Perspectives from Beira, Mozambique 20

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