Connecting Geographical Sciences to Policy: An open meeting of the Geographical Sciences Committee of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Esri
Poster #:
Day: 4/4/2019
Start / End Time: 5:00 PM / 6:40 PM
Room: Marshall North, Marriott, Mezzanine Level
Organizers: Carol Harden
Chairs: Carol Harden

Call for Submissions


The U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that exists, as a result of legislation signed by President Lincoln in 1863, to provide objective information to the nation on matters involving science and technology. The Geographical Sciences Committee of the NAS invites experts on topics of societal and governmental importance to explore ways in which geographical sciences can better support decisions made by federal agencies and other organizations, and convenes representatives of relevant agencies and Congressional staffers to participate in these open, webcast, DC-based meetings. The meetings facilitate inter-agency dialog and often promote further study by geographers and other researchers. Recent topics of meetings or publications include wildland fire, the use of sensors to capture human behavior, health effects of exposure to nature, and vulnerability of energy systems to coastal flooding. The Committee also advises NAS on matters concerning international organizations, programs, and research and serves as the official U.S. liaison to the International Geographical Union.

This panel session will (1) bring geographers up to date about the roles and activities of the Geographical Sciences Committee within NAS and (2) be an open, idea-generating and listening session, in which everyone present is invited to suggest issues and questions for which geographical expertise, knowledge, and/or perspectives could improve decisions that affect the nation. Panel members – the Geographical Sciences Committee – will provide background information on the organizational structure of NAS, challenges faced by the committee, and examples of recent projects.


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Glen MacDonald University of California - Los Angeles 20
Panelist Anthony Bebbington Clark University 20
Panelist Marilyn Brown 15
Panelist Budhendra Bhaduri Oak Ridge National Laboratory 15
Panelist Michael Jerrett University of California 15
Panelist Andrew Turner Esri 15

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