Climate Specialty Group Poster Session

Type: Poster
Sponsor Groups: Climate Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/4/2019
Start / End Time: 8:00 AM / 9:40 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Lincoln 2, Marriott, Exhibition Level
Organizers: Christopher Underwood

Call for Submissions

Please consider submitting your poster to the "Climate Specialty Group" poster session. We seek to bring together climate researchers from all disciplines to further engagement and collaboration at AAG.

Contact info of organizer: Chris Underwood (


Researchers will present their work on any aspect of climate studies.


ID Title Participant
000 A Climatology of the Frequency and Duration of High Relative Humidity Events for the Lower Peninsula of Michigan Kara Komoto
001 A New Intraseasonal Oscillation Index Based on Cloud-Sat Observed Cloud Regimes Meng-Pai Hung
Chinese Culture University
002 Improving VIIRS nighttime light imagery using Landsat-8 thermal infrared imagery for urban extent extraction Changmin Lee
Seoul National University
003 Alaskan Blizzards: Patterns and Trends Jill Coleman
Ball State University
004 An Aerial View of ~100 Years of Glacier and Ice Cap Change in South Greenland Laura Larocca
Northwestern University
005 An impact analysis of the surface-cloud coupled effect on TOA reflectivity using a 3D radiative transfer model LEIDI WANG
006 Assessing the Spatio-Temporal Influence of Pressure Gradients on Tropical Lightning Frequency Nicholas Sokol
University of South Carolina
007 Atlantic Arctic Ocean, atmosphere, and sea-ice controls of cold season Greenland coastal air temperatures, 1873-2013 Thomas Ballinger
Assistant Professor Texas State University
008 Changes in Summer-to-Winter Precipitation Ratios in the United States Before and After the Onset of Global Warming Walker Skeeter
University of Delaware
009 Characterizing the heterogeneous trends of land surface temperature at a local scale using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition Huimin Liu
010 Climate Change Adaptation in the West Lauren Hunt
Boise State University
011 An Exploration of Climate Change Awareness Amongst Coastal Residents in Jamaica Aron Gayle
Church Teachers' College
012 Climate Change Impacts on Winegrowing Regions in Southern California: From the Perspective of a Regional Climate Model Corrie Monteverde
San Diego State University
013 Differentiation of Interpolation Techniques for Estimating the Spatial Distribution of Average Rainfall in Bangladesh Mizanur Rahman
014 Flood Hazard Assessment of the Coast of Ghana PETER ADORTSE
Salem State University
015 Hydroclimatic impacts of climate variability in central Chile Alexander Parks
Metropolitan State College of Denver
016 Identifying A Stable Isotopic Signature of Atmospheric River Storms Along the Sacramento Valley Erika Ornouski
CSU Sacramento
017 Integration of Earth observation and in situ data for analyzing lake level change in Minnesota (1990-2016) Yanan Wu
Binghamton University
018 Level Up! The Evolution of Environmental Themes In The Video Game Industry Michael Davis
Kutztown University
019 Mapping vulnerability of island communities to climate change and globalization: a case study of Ragged Island, Bahamas Nia Cambridge
020 Modeling Climate Change Impacts on the Water Balance of a Medium-Scale Mixed-Forest Watershed, SE USA Andrew Day
Assistant Professor University of Louisville
021 New York State Tornado Climatology Emily Hanrahan
State University College Of New York
022 Personal Sensors for Temperature Exposure Assessments: A Validation Study Elizabeth Bailey
Appalachian State University
023 Precipitation Amounts and Variability in a Cool Climate Wine Region, southern Quebec, Canada Norman Jones
Bishop's University
024 Public perceptions of the relationship between global warming and migration: an analysis of U.S. national survey data Brittany Lester
Utah State University
025 Quantifying the spatial responses of runoff change to future land use/cover change and climate change in Connecticut River Basin Hui Wang
University of Connecticut
026 Rainfall Variability in Western Uganda Hae Seung Sung
027 Reconstructing Climate and Weather Extremes of California Lilian Hutchens
University of South Carolina
028 Spatial Analysis of Rainfall Extent and Intensity Patterns in Tropical Cyclones Affecting Madagascar and Mozambique Sarah VanSchoick
029 Spatial heterogeneity of global temperature change trends and rates before and after the temperature mutation in 2003 Ting Zhang
030 North Dakota Spring Wheat Yield in Relation to Temperature and Precipitation Manna Khan
031 Stochastic Downscaling of Projected Great Lakes Regional Climate and Implications for Maize Production and Nitrogen in Agricultural Landscapes William Baule
Michigan State University
032 Analysis of West Greenland multi-day surface and englacial melt events in relation to radiative and synoptic drivers, 2009-2018. Shayne O'Brien
033 The Contribution of Specific Humidity, Convective Available Potential Energy, and Storm Relative Helicity to the Southeastward Shift in Tornado Activity Jennifer St. Clair
Towson University
034 The Effect of Anthropogenic Land Change on Day-to-Day Temperature Variation in the American Southeast William Goldman
University of Delaware
035 The effect of urban land use to urban heat island effect - cases of Taipei and Singapore Wang Ping
036 The Impact of Temperature Increases on Global Refugee Migration Tate Smith
037 The relationship between air mass type and pollen levels for central North Carolina from 1999 – 2012 Christopher Elcik
Mississippi State University
038 Tyranny of the Naysayers: Oklahoma Wind Power Development Slows Stephen Stadler
Oklahoma State University
039 Understanding Key Informant Experiences and Perceptions of the 2016 Drought and Wildfires in Western North Carolina Lauren Andersen
GIS Lab Supervisor & Instructor Appalachian State University
040 Variations in hurricane storm surge sedimentation along four transects on the southeast Texas Gulf Coast Joshua Hodge
Texas State University - San Marcos
041 Virginia Precipitation Trends Michael Allen
Old Dominion University
042 Water literacy of "Day Zero": Learning from a South African water crisis Meghan McCarroll
University of Denver
043 Mentoring Undergraduate Student Research as Part of the NSF-IUSE Geoscience Engagement and Outreach Program: Successes and Challenges Corene Matyas
University of Florida
044 Climatic niche of the mountain pine beetle during its recent range expansion in North America Dongmei Chen
University of Oregon
045 Comparison of outdoor thermal indices in urban parks: which index is most “accurate”? Winston Chow
National University of Singapore
046 Educational Modules on Adaptation to Climate Change in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) Anne-Kathrin Lindau
Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
047 Response of N2O emissions to climate changes: supply a meta-analysis Xiaohan Wang
048 The scientific and pedagogic legacies of Michael T. Walegur, 1973-2018 Frederick Nelson
Michigan State University
049 An Indian Summer Climatology across the Northeast United States, 1950-2015 Darren Parnell
Salisbury University
050 An Object-based Approach to Model Verification in Tropical Cyclone Forecasting Stephanie Zick
Virginia Tech
051 From vulnerability to resilience in agriculture: equity, agroecology, and adaptation to climate change Rafter Ferguson
Haverford College
052 Climate Change Impacts in the Americas: A Student-led Case Study Approach to Raise Awareness Olivia Hubert
University of Richmond
053 The effect of climatic trends on the growing season and their correlation to greenness in the Mid-Appalachian region Michala Garrison
Frostburg State University
054 Precipitation-Related Vehicle Crashes under Future Climate Alan Black
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
055 Nocturnal Tornado Vulnerability in Tennessee Counties Sierra Taylor
056 Drought and climate change impacts on regional basin hydrology and agriculture in Central Chile Antonio Bellisario
MSU Denver
057 Hydroclimate in the San Juan Mountain Region of Colorado Christopher Hancock
University of Denver
058 Yellowstone in Transition: An Analysis of the Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Fire Regimes and Post Fire Regeneration of Forested Areas Annalise Hauser
Gettysburg College
059 Examining Tornado Vulnerability and Index Validation in Oklahoma Using Components of the Social Vulnerability Index Lindsay King
060 Rainfall timing: variation, characteristics, coherence, and interrelationships in Nigeria Omon Obarein
Kent State University
061 Snow cover change and its relationship with land surface temperature and vegetation in northeastern North America from 2000-2017. Stephen Young
Salem State University
062 Climate Change Vulnerability of US Military Installations Taylor Perez
Boston University
063 Climate change and human activities exacerbate trans-boundary water stress in the Aral Sea Basin, Central Asia Weili Duan
Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences
064 How Can Environmental Film Affect Audience Climate Change Belief, Concern, and Behavior? Brittany Bondi
Gettysburg College
065 Policy Proposals to Build Soil Health and Combat Climate Change: A Federal and 50-State Landscape Analysis Samantha Eley
Union of Concerned Scientists
066 Supply-side climate policies: The overlooked climate policy “toolkit” Lucie Jechova
067 Quantifying differences in Pacific Northwest storm tracks using oxygen isotopes and back-trajectory modeling Karly Schmidt-Simard
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
068 A Climatology of the Trade Wind Inversion in the Caribbean Craig Ramseyer
Salisbury University
069 Convective Mode and Communication in Tennessee: Tornado Warning Challenges for Forecasting within the National Weather Service Megan Porter
Ms. University of Tennessee
070 Precipitation Changes and Variance in the Great Lakes Region Jillian Stephens
071 Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of Shortfast Ice in Uummannaq Bay, Greenland and implications for local cultural and livelihood practices. Nicholas Cuba
Brown University
072 Transportation Infrastructure in Russia’s changing Arctic Rylin McGee
University of Richmond
073 Has the frequency of large single day Great Lake-effect snowfall events changed in recent years? Adam Burnett
Colgate University
074 Investigating the spatial characteristics of regional extremes in the southeastern United States as related to large scale climate features Henrick Gordon
University of West Georgia
075 Land Cover Change in Southern California Mahnoor Khan
University of Maryland
076 Migration Medicine: How Shifting Woodlands Affect Navajo Health Sasha Keams
077 Movement of lifetime maximum intensity locations during the North Atlantic hurricane season Morgan Steckler
University of Tennessee
078 Systematic Precipitation Changes Following a Strong Hurricane Landfall Paul Miller
University of Georgia
079 A Climatology of Single-Day Rapid Drought Cessation Events Across the Southwestern United States Emily Harris
080 Observations of vertical heat flux in basalt, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii, USA. Steve Gordon
US Air Force Academy
081 Species Distribution Modeling and Sustainable Agroforestry: Climate Change Mitigation for Guatemalan Coffee Danika Mosher
Graduate Student East Tennessee State University
082 Drought Effects on Flood Frequency in the Northeast United States Elizabeth Geesey
Kutztown University
083 Current Drought in South Africa: Causes and Implications Kathryn Giesa
084 Australia and New Zealand's Climate Change Assistance Policies towards Pacific Island countries Ryan Maia
Northeastern University
085 Communicating Hurricane Risk with Virtual Reality: A Demographic Study Angela Rienzo
086 Climatological factors impacting summer pollution concentrations in the Philadelphia metropolitan area Jessica August
Rutgers University
087 “Validating Global Precipitation Measurement against ground observations over Alaska” Tatiana Lopez
088 The Impact of Climate change on Wildfire Diqi Zeng
University of Cincinnati
089 Wildfires and Climate Variability in the State of Missouri. Omolola Akinola
University of Missouri - Kansas City
090 Examination of geospatial patterns of salt marsh dieback development and recovery using historical aerial photography, field data, and climatic conditions Christine Hladik
Georgia Southern University
091 Where is the Philippines spending its Climate money? Efraim Roxas
Florida State University
092 Distributional effects of carbon pricing and the role of social protection Kuishuang Feng
Dr. University of Maryland
093 3-Dimensional Mapping of Agricultural Microclimates within a Sub-field Level Steven Schultze
Dr. University of South Alabama
094 Exploring the Effects of Different Snowstorm Types on School Closings in Central New York State Justin Hartnett
095 Weather-Related Influences on Jökulhlaups originating from Suicide Basin in Juneau, Alaska Jana MacInnis
096 U.S. cities in the dark: Mapping human carbon dioxide emissions using observations from space Tomohiro Oda
Universities Space Research Association/NASA Goddard
097 An Integrated Vulnerability Analysis: Case Studies of Tropical Storm Allison and Hurricane Harvey Xiaoxuan Li
University of Florida
098 Blending Satellite Observed, Model Simulated, and in-situ Measured Soil Moisture Using Triple Collocation Ning Zhang
Ohio State University
099 Possible Effects of the Loop Current on Intensity and Rapid Intensification of Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico Sherry Young
George Mason University

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