Historical Geographies of the Interwar: beyond 1919 (1)

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Historical Geography Specialty Group, Political Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/6/2019
Start / End Time: 3:05 PM / 4:45 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Embassy Room, Omni, East
Organizers: Benjamin Thorpe, Stephen Legg, Michael Heffernan
Chairs: Benjamin Thorpe


In November 2018 the final centenaries of the First World War will take place. 2019 will witness the centenary of the Paris Peace Conference and of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. But, as many have pointed out, the “Wilsonian Moment” (Manela 2007) was short-lived outside of Europe. For India, the “interwar” was heralded by the Rowlatt disturbances and the massacre at Amritsar, while the Japanese quickly found that the internationalism of the League of Nations was inherently racialized (Zachman 2017). These un-pickings of the hopes and claims of the interwar have extended to disciplinary histories which have explored the racial geographies upon which disciplines like International Relations (and geography) were based (Vitalis 2015).

In this session we invite geographical interpretations of the interwar years as a way of shaping the way we centenarize and continue to think about the post-1919 world. While welcoming papers on the monumental events of 1919, we encourage reflections on the economic, political, cultural, historical and social geographies of the broader interwar period. We are especially keen to establish dialogues regarding the spatialities and temporalities of different nations, regions, cities and places as they negotiated the opportunities and dangers of the interwar.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Stephen Legg*, University of Nottingham, The Constitutional Commemoration of an Interwar Decade: Debating the 1919 Government of India Act at the Round Table Conference of 1930-32 20 3:05 PM
Presenter Ishan Ashutosh*, Indiana University, Between Tradition and Modernity: India’s Emergence in American Scholarship in the Interwar Period 20 3:25 PM
Presenter Sneha Krishnan*, University of Oxford, Before the Nation-State: Christian Internationalism and the Inter-War Years 20 3:45 PM
Presenter Robert Fletcher*, University of Warwick, The 'Tribal Frontier' of the Interwar Empires 20 4:05 PM
Presenter Amy Mills*, University of South Carolina, Locating Post-Imperial Istanbul: British, Greek, and Turkish Imagined Geographies 20 4:25 PM

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