7. Population Specialty Group: Innovations in data II

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Population Specialty Group
Organizers: Dylan Connor
Chairs: Dylan Connor



Type Details Minutes
Presenter April Morton*, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Nicholas Nagle, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Jesse Piburn, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Robert N. Stewart, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Amy Rose, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Budhendra Bhaduri, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Samantha Duchscherer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Nathan Trombley, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Where’s Wendy? Recent Advancements in the High-Resolution and Demographically Detailed UrbanPop Population Model and Database 20
Presenter Tom Fitzwater*, United States Census Bureau, Global Population Geography: Challenges and Opportunities Working with Official Data 20
Presenter Michael White*, Brown University, mark Gross, Brown University , Rebecca Wang, Brown University , Carren Ginsburg, University of the Witwatersrand, Migration Methods: Lessons from Following A Highly Mobile Population 20
Presenter Anto Aasa*, , Pilleriine Kamenjuk, University of Tartu, Erki Saluveer, Positium LBS, Calculation of population and migration statistics based on mobile positioning data 20
Presenter Veronika Mooses*, University of Tartu, Siiri Silm, University of Tartu, Ethnic differences in outbound travel: a study with mobile phone data 20

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