Author Meets Critics on Caleb Johnson and Geraldine Pratt’s “Migration in Performance: Crossing the Colonial Present"

Type: Panel
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Poster #:
Day: 4/4/2019
Start / End Time: 3:05 PM / 4:45 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Blue Room, Omni, East
Organizers: Jessica Dempsey, Christopher Harker
Chairs: Jessica Dempsey


An opportunity to engage with both the author and readers of Caleb Johnson and Geraldine Pratt’s Migration in Performance: Crossing the Colonial Present. This book follows the travels of Nanay, a testimonial theatre play developed from research with migrant domestic workers in Canada, as it was recreated and restaged in a variety of places around the globe. It is part of a growing interdisciplinary exchange between the performing arts and social sciences, an effort to rethink immigration within two colonial histories (of the Philippines and Canada), and a contribution to current thinking about what decolonial collaborations might mean in practice. The book offers a fuller understanding of both the strengths and limits of existing framings of Filipina migration, and rich ideas of how care – the care of children and elderly and each other – might be rethought in radically new ways within less violently unequal relations, spanning different colonial histories and complex triangulations of racialised (im)migrants, settlers and indigenous peoples.


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Lieba Faier UCLA 15
Panelist John Paul Catungal University of British Columbia 15
Panelist Rachel Pain Newcastle University 15
Panelist Sarah De Leeuw University of Northern British Columbia 15
Panelist Alison Mountz Wilfrid Laurier University 15
Discussant Geraldine Pratt University Of British Columbia 15
Discussant Caleb Johnston 10

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