Geographies of Urban Real Estate I

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Economic Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/6/2019
Start / End Time: 8:00 AM / 9:40 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Palladian, Omni, West
Organizers: Michael Glass, Peter Wissoker
Chairs: Michael Glass


Real estate, as both an industry and discourse, is highly influential in shaping the fortunes of neighborhoods and entire cities. Whereas the individual decisions to buy or sell property are derived from highly complex and idiosyncratic circumstances, the net result is the production of uneven urban landscapes across cities in the United States. Recent research on real estate examines several interconnected aspects of the industry, including the role of developers and agents in creating new imagined spaces within cities, the use of toponymy as a political and economic device, and the role of internet-based real estate searches in shaping local housing markets. With obvious connections to critical processes such as financialization, gentrification, and placemaking, research that focuses on urban real estate is hence a significant arena for urban geographers.
Therefore, our session intends to bring together scholars working on the practices, patterns, and problems of urban real estate. Our session welcomes papers that address any of the following questions:
• How are real estate intermediaries shaping and reshaping the city through the targeted use of discourse?
• How are web-based search engines influencing the cognitive maps of prospective investors and buyers?
• What methods are best suited for evaluating the micro- and macro-scale consequences of the real estate industry?
• How are cities being reimagined through the real estate industry, and what responses are different publics making to these efforts?
• How have the practices and tactics of the real estate industry changed since the Great Recession?


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Daniel Trudeau*, Macalester College, Susan Moore, University College London, Worlding New Urbanism 20 8:00 AM
Presenter Patrick Kilfoil*, McGill University, Competitive placemaking in the knowledge economy: The case of innovation districts 20 8:20 AM
Presenter Katharine Nelson*, Rutgers University, The resurgence of the FHA and implications for Philadelphia’s neighborhoods of color 20 8:40 AM
Presenter Taylor Hafley*, University of Georgia, Urban Space and Corporate Landlords: Post-Recession (sub)urban geographies in Atlanta 20 9:00 AM
Presenter Carolyn Gallaher*, American University, REITs, Gentrification, and Displacement in Washington’s Inner Suburbs 20 9:20 AM

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