Asian Symposium: Shrinking Cities: China and International Comparisons II

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Asian Geography Specialty Group, China Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/4/2019
Start / End Time: 3:05 PM / 4:45 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: 8212, Park Tower Suites, Marriott, Lobby Level
Organizers: Chung-Tong Wu, Kai Zhou
Chairs: Kai Zhou

Call for Submissions

While shrinking cities have captured research and policy attention in Europe and N America since the early 2000s (for example, Pallagst et al (eds) 2014), the phenomenon of urban shrinkage has only recently attracted the attention of researchers in China. This is perhaps unsurprising in a policy context that until recently emphasized growth. Over the past several years, researchers have begun to pay attention to key factors that contribute to shrinking cities in China. These include massive rural to urban migration, including from smaller towns to larger cities, economic restructuring, changing global economy, and an ageing population.. In a country with vast regionally differences it is inevitable that there is a diverse pattern of urban shrinkage.
In contrast to the massive literature on the growth of cities in China, the available English language publications on shrinking cities in China are only emerging. Examples include exploratory case studies (Wu, Zhang, Cui & Cui 2014), general surveys (Yang & Dunford 2017; Li & Mykhnenko 2018), graphic representations (Long & Wu 2016) and case studies of resource dependent cities (He et al 2017). Many more publications on this topic are in Chinese language (Zhang et al 2016; Zhou & Qian 2017; Du and Li 2017).
This organized session invites papers that explores the phenomenon of urban shrinkage in China and international comparisons. We welcome papers with focus on any of the following, but by no means exclusive, topics:
• Regional differences in urban shrinkage;
• Resource sector and shrinking regions;
• Case studies of urban shrinkage;
• Migration, resettlement and urban transformations;
• Border regions and urban shrinkage;
• Transport system transformations and impacts on urban growth and decline;
• Theoretical contributions based on Chinese experience.
• Policy/Planning (non)reponses to urban or regional shrinkage
• International comparisons

Joining the Session
Interested participants should send a 250-word abstract, including title, author(s), institutional affiliation(s), email address(es) and 5 key words to the organizers: Chung-tong WU ( ) and ZHOU Kai ( ). AAG abstract submission deadline is 25 October 2018. We will need your PIN to include your paper in our session.


Research on shrinking cities in China are just emerging even though there are reports close to 300 cities that are experiencing this phenomenon (Li and Mykhnenko 2018). Available research on this topic is limited in the the English language. This organized session invited papers that explore the phenomenon of urban shrinking in China and international comparisons with the hope of adding to the available research.
The first part of this organized session focuses on China, this part of the session focuses on international examples and comparisons.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Yuanshuo Xu*, Cornell University, Urban Growth and Shrinkage under State Rescaling in China: Time-series Clustering and Geographic Weighted Modeling 20 3:05 PM
Presenter Chung-Tong Wu*, Western Sydney University, Shrinking Cities in Post-Socialist Nations; China, Russia & Poland 20 3:25 PM
Presenter Gintare Pociute-Sereikiene*, Lithuanian Social Research Centre, The story of shrinking city in Lithuania: drivers, consequences and governance 20 3:45 PM
Presenter Dick Magnusson*, Linköping University, Infrastructure management in shrinking municipalities 20 4:05 PM
Presenter Yann Beauloye*, Université de Lorraine, Michel Deshaies, Lorraine University, Conversion of the former cross-border coalfield of Lorraine (France) and Saarland (Germany) 20 4:25 PM

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