Time, affect, and the political economy of space production (1)

Type: Paper
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Day: 4/7/2019
Start / End Time: 9:55 AM / 11:35 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Jackson, Marriott, Mezzanine Level
Organizers: Harry Pettit, Mara Nogueira
Chairs: Mara Nogueira


The starting point for this panel is the premise that there is a need within Geography to develop a conceptual arsenal which can help analyse how affect/emotion and temporality play a role in the governance and contestation of space. Anthropologist Laura Bear (2017) recently called for the development of a ‘critical political economy of capitalist time.’ This requires, she goes on to explain, developing understandings of how time-maps, alongside certain affective and emotional formations, are assembled in ways that entrench capitalist relations and vectors of inequality.

In Geography, there is now a fledgling literature which looks at the way that particular temporal and emotional configurations are used to legitimise (or challenge) certain spatial transformations, both within and beyond cities, which entrench capitalist relations and political power; for example through the production of future danger, hope, or uncertainty (Zeiderman, 2016; Anderson, 2017; Tucker, 2017). We want to use this panel as an opportunity to discuss how the discipline might further incorporate what is a now a huge body of literature on affect and temporality, and concepts such as atmosphere, or uncertainty, into a more thorough political economy approach. We therefore present empirically-grounded papers which touch upon the following questions:

• How are temporal visions and/or emotional configurations used to legitimise (or challenge) certain spatial transformations?
• How are certain spatial formations constructed to support (or challenge) the temporal and emotional configurations which enable capitalist (re)production?

These questions will be tackled within the realms of labour, housing, infrastructure, security, the environment, and themes include: dystopian futures and the politics of austerity/security; uncertainty, (urban) governance, resistance and belonging; nostalgia, remembrance, and strategies of control/insurgency; encounter, conflict, and imagined futures.

Key words: temporality, affect/emotion, spatial governance, capitalism, political economy


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Ana Ivasiuc*, University of Giessen, Fear and Insecurity in the City 15 9:55 AM
Presenter Ryan Devlin*, John Jay College, Managing Street Vending through Uncertainty 15 10:10 AM
Presenter Frank Mueller*, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, When life is in limbo: Social housing in Urban Latin America 15 10:25 AM
Presenter Samuel Berlin*, , ‘Going out and seeing the world’ – aspirational temporalities in peri-urban China 15 10:40 AM
Presenter Georgina Ramsay*, , Time and the Displaced Other 15 10:55 AM
Discussant D. Asher Ghertner Rutgers University 10 11:10 AM

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